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Armie Hammer Is NOT Being Investigated For Murder -- Despite Disturbing Rumors

Armie Hammer Motel Murder Mystery Rumor Explained

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

Armie Hammer may be a lot of things, but this rumor going around tying him to a possible murder investigation is a step too far.

The Call Me By Your Name star has been in a PR nightmare the past month after a flood of DMs allegedly sent by him to his mistresses over the years leaked online. It wasn’t the infidelity that had everybody talking — he’s a handsome movie star and BTW, is legally in the process of getting divorced. So not exactly the world’s biggest shocker there.

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No, it was the content of the leaked DMs — including talk of master/slave relationships, rape fantasies, and cannibalism. That kind of took the spotlight from just a basic ol’ revelation of years of cheating. But the real story has been the relationships beyond the phone fantasies. Multiple women who have been romantically tied to Armie since splitting from wife Elizabeth Chambers have now come forward claiming he was an abusive, manipulative partner who used BDSM as a guise for non-consensual violence.

OK, but even knowing all that…


The rumors seem to have gained traction over the weekend after the Instagram account DeuxMoi began teasing there was an even bigger story about to come out about the Lone Ranger star. And House Of Effie, the IG account which originally leaked the now infamous DMs, posted the ominous message on her Story:

“Holy s**t. I know what’s going to come out. It’s bad. Really bad. Like I’m shaking and feel like I’m gonna throw up bad and I’m w my whole family.

What he and his friends have done is worse than anything I have posted. Justice will be served.”

What the serious effie?!

That certainly gets the mind racing with possibilities. But how did we get from that to homicide?? Well, some internet detectives thought they had it pieced together.

As you may recall, Armie got a job working construction, renovating a motel with some pals in the desert last summer. It was kind of out of the blue, right? Enough that even Jimmy Kimmel was confused. You can hear the story from the 34-year-old’s perspective at around 2:30 (below):

OK, so fast forward to January 31 of this year when human remains were discovered by hikers in Wonder Valley… fairly close to that rundown desert motel.

Detectives from the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Homicide Division are investigating, but so far the skeletal remains have not been publicly identified. However, those internet sleuths put the two separate stories together with yet a third story, that of an unidentified mom named Erika Lloyd who went missing while on a trip to Joshua Tree in June of last year.

Erika was last seen on June 14 after having told her roommates she was going to meet some people at Joshua Tree National Park — again, also right next door to the motel and where the remains were found.

Put all of it together? You’ve got speculation that Armie and his friends were involved in the murder of this missing woman.

OK, so that’s the rumor. What’s the reality?

The facts are, the investigation has only just begun, but Armie is not a part of it. The Public Information Officer for the Sheriff’s Office told The Sun on Monday afternoon:

“Armie Hammer’s name hasn’t come up as a suspect at all. We have no plans to investigate him. We have not identified the remains.”

So there’s that. Interesting they commented like that on an ongoing investigation, but if it’s to protect an innocent (relatively) person we guess they make exceptions?

Not only that, DeuxMoi itself all but debunked the rumor, saying people were “reaching” and provided a source saying Armie and his pals at the motel had “girls there the whole time” — presumably explaining they wouldn’t have been able to get away with murder?

They also said the big story they’re teasing has yet to come out. So it looks like all of y’all internet detectives should probably hand in your badges and guns — you’re just too close to this one. What do YOU think the real story about Armie will be??

[Image via Armie Hammer/Instagram/WENN.]

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