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Kendall Jenner Granted Restraining Order Against Man Who Threatened To Shoot Her As Separate Intruder Attempts Naked Swim In Her Pool

Kendall Jenner dealt with two horrifying stalking incidents in the last two days!

Kendall Jenner had to deal with two truly horrifying situations in a span of just 48 hours…

We honestly can’t even imagine going through something like this — especially back-to-back. And she’s targeted because of what, her realty TV fame? It’s not like she’s doing anything to provoke this. Ugh!! These people need serious mental health help and support, to say the least.

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First, on Monday, the reality TV star and super model rushed into a Los Angeles County courthouse to get a temporary restraining order against a 24-year-old man named Malik Bowker. Kendall doesn’t know Bowker, and has never met him, but according to legal docs first obtained by TMZ late last week, an LAPD detective told the model that police had a tip that Bowker was planning to buy an illegal gun, shoot Kendall, and then shoot himself.

Bowker’s plan was foiled, at least for the time, and he is now being held on a temporary psychiatric hold. TMZ doesn’t report where that hold is happening, though Bowker has already reportedly “traveled across the country” as part of his plan to confront and shoot the KUWTK star.

Regardless, the main concern is that the 24-year-old man could be released from the hospital’s psychiatric ward very soon, according to the LAPD detective. Because of that, Kendall was forced to act quickly with the restraining order. The judge acquiesced to Kenny’s claims of severe emotional distress and anxiety (no kidding) and decreed Bowker must stay more than 100 yards away from her at all times. Of course, it’s perhaps unrealistic to expect somebody who appears to be that disturbed to respect some arbitrary court’s 100-yard ruling. But at least it’s something?

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As if that weren’t bad enough, at around 2:00 a.m. local time on Sunday, an unnamed 27-year-old man trespassed onto Kendall’s Los Angeles property and “began to knock on windows while yelling her name,” according to TMZ. Apparently, the star was home at the time during this separate incident — which was unrelated to Bowker’s threats — but she was “in a safe location” while her security team tracked the man’s movements around her property. At one point, according to the report, the guy stripped off his clothes and attempted to jump into her pool. Gross…

The TV personality’s security team detained the man until cops showed up, and he was arrested for misdemeanor trespassing. He only spent six hours behind bars before he was released, though, due to COVID protocols. It’s unclear when his next court appearance will be. It’s crazy that these two things happened back-to-back, because Devin Booker‘s GF has what TMZ calls a “massive team” of armed security guards that patrol her property 24/7. She also lives in a gated community where residents pay for extra community-wide security, too. Clearly, though, something’s not working. Per the outlet, the 25-year-old is “toying with the idea of moving.”

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This horrifying pair of incidents isn’t the first time Kendall has dealt with an alleged stalker. Back in 2018, a reported stalker was able to access her property at least twice before being caught both times. She got a restraining order against the man, and he was eventually deported back to his home country of Canada.

Kylie Jenner‘s older sister also was one of a string of targets in a laundry list of West Hollywood-area burglaries while living at her previous home back in 2017.


So many scary incidents. Seriously, Kendall has been the focus of so much awful stalker attention, it’s sickening. This is the WORST. And the restraining orders coming in response don’t seem to fully do justice to how serious and unnerving this must be, ya know?

Just awful…

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