Kendall Jenner Has Fired Her Security Guard!

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Guess at least one person is looking for a new job in the fallout after Kendall Jenner‘s robbery!

TMZ is reporting that Kendall HAS fired her security guard — just one day after she was robbed of nearly a quarter of a million dollars worth of jewelry right out from her own home!!

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As you’ll remember us reporting, Kendall left her home briefly around midnight the other night — with friends still in the home, hanging out — and when she returned an hour later, more than $200,000 worth of her jewelry was gone!

Well, here’s what we know now:

First, it appears that among the items stolen from Kendall were a Rolex and a Cartier watch. Ouch!!

Second, apparently somebody who wasn’t invited (AKA not one of her friends there) got into the house to commit the robbery — meaning, perhaps a “friend” set Kendall up?!

And now, Kendall has officially fired her security guard — and she did it fast, too!! She’s off now to look for a new security team.

It’s not just that, though… there are apparently security cameras all over Kendall’s house, as you’d expect, and so cops believe that this will give them a good lead if they can see people on camera and figure out who might have done what.

Drama, drama, drama!

Mar 18, 2017 4:01pm PDT