Kim Kardashian & Chrissy Teigen Maintain Levity Amid Kanye West & John Legend’s Confrontation — Until THIS!

Kim Kardashian

The wives weigh in.

As we told you, Kanye West took to Twitter to share a text John Legend sent him, asking the Famous rapper to reconsider his support of Donald Trump. In the lengthy note to West, the 39-year-old singer reminded Yeezy that he’s “way too powerful and influential to endorse who [Trump] is and what he stands for.”

After the exchange (which was screenshotted and uploaded by Kanye), Chrissy Teigen hilariously tweeted at Kim Kardashian West to see if they were still on for dinner this Friday night.

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The KUWTK star lightheartedly responded by suggesting:

“Yes but maybe no phones”

But then the humorous interaction got even better when the supermodel quipped:

“can I bring my friend Scott Baio he’s super chill”

See the exchange (below)!

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[Image via Instagram.]

Apr 26, 2018 4:11pm PST

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