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Kim Kardashian Would 'Eat Poop' Daily If It Made Her Look Younger!!

Kim Kardashian Would 'Eat Poop' Daily If It Made Her Look Younger!!

Kim Kardashian better hope it’s not true that “you are what you eat”!

At least, it’d be best for her if the old adage remained figurative if she ever had to actually put into practice what she just joked about with the New York Times!!

The 41-year-old A-lister spoke with the national news outlet in an interview published Wednesday in conjunction with the release of her new (and pricey) skincare line SKKN By Kim. In the chat, the reality TV star explained her convoluted beautification process and the path to mass-producing it with this new brand. But she also said something very interesting disgusting about a beauty-related hypothetical!!

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The star of The Kardashians joked with NYT that she would “try anything” to keep herself looking young, fresh, and healthy even as she ages (gracefully, we might add!). And she REALLY meant the “anything” part of that promise!

Kim elaborated with this hilariously shocking comment:

“If you told me that I literally had to eat poop every single day and I would look younger, I might. I just might.”

Oh noooooo!

We are trying to imagine some made-up world where you have to eat your own s**t (or… uh… other’s people s**t?!) just to stay young. Is that a world we’d want to live in?! Clearly, Kim would be cool with it! LOLz!

Immediately, Twitter and Instagram users flocked to the comment as it spread on social media. Some referenced other recent KarJenner fam health-related statements, like the time Kim’s older sis Kourtney informed the world she was told she had to ingest Travis Barker‘s semen four times a week to help with fertility.

Here are just a few of the takes on Kim’s poop perspective:

“the other one talking about drinking her mans cum and this about eating s**t can they stop please”

“I retain my youth by getting off my ass and working”

“How much poop is the question”

“Why do I feel this means she already has”

“What a sad existence”

“Literally every single thing I learn about her is against my will”

“Tell her it only works if you do it live broadcasted to millions.”

“Do these celebrities know that sometimes it’s okay to like… not talk.”

“why you would continue to push these ideas to your young audience is beyond me”

“she’s literally hardly aged what”

“Is poop the active ingredient in SKKN???”

OK, for one, we are pretty sure that poop is not the “active ingredient” in SKKN By Kim. Ha!!

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At least one person picked up on the aging-related aspect of Kim’s lighthearted comment, dropping this truth via tweet:

“In all seriousness this is so unfortunate. Let’s normalize not being afraid to age and grow old. The only reason you would want to be young forever is if you’re not satisfied with life, and thats coming from someone so rich smh. money ≠ happiness”

Well said!

We’re not saying that’s the momma of four’s point here, of course — she’s probably just trolling for fun because she knows statements like this draw viral attention — but it’s important to consider some of the broader anxieties around aging all the same!

Anyway, what do y’all think about the SKIMS mogul’s fecal feelings, Perezcious readers?? Would you be so desperate to stay looking younger? Sound OFF with your take on this (literally) sketchy s**t down in the comments (below)!!!

[Image via Hulu/YouTube]

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