Kim Kardashian Hires Fit Models To Document Her Entire Closet & It’s Totally Giving Us ‘Clueless’ Vibes!

Ever thought about what it’d be like to try on Kim Kardashian West‘s entire closet?!

Well, a very specific crop of women have already been selected for the job. Sorry, Instagram models need not apply.

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Intrigued? We’re talking about the fact that KiKi has hired fit models with her exact measurements and body shape to try on looks for her. This means everything from the most exclusive Yeezy fits to Kim’s everyday street style.

The KUWTK star told People:

“There are fit models — we have gotten people who have my exact same measurements — and they try on all the clothes, photograph it, do the fittings for hours every day of all the different Yeezy looks.”

Once the looks are captured, they’re sent to the 37-year-old’s designer husband Kanye West for a second set of eyes:

“At one point I sent over my entire closet to my husband’s office, I had full time security because I was so nervous. But that was just to photograph it with the fit models there and put looks together.”

Even though she’s publicly credited Ye as her biggest fashion influence, Kim K still gives the final stamp of approval:

“There were all these stylists using my clothes, taking pictures and then sending it to me and then whatever I like I’ll try it on and make sure it looks good on me. They make my life so easy!”

The end result is a visual representation of her looks, past and present. If this sounds, er, wildly familiar to you — it’s because it is. KKW acknowledges:

“It’s a modern version of Clueless.”

Sigh, the lifestyles of the rich and famous. Mrs. West, if you’re ever having a closet sale, uh, let us know!

[Image via WENN]


Sep 6, 2018 9:08am PST