Kit Harington Accused Of Cheating — With PHOTO Evidence?!?

Say it ain’t so, Jon Snow!

Kit Harington has been accused of cheating — but is it a bona fide scandal or a scheme worthy of Littlefinger??

Apparently a Russian model has posted intimate details of her alleged affair with the Game Of Thrones star on Twitter.

She says they hooked up a few times during his engagement to costar Rose Leslie — and even a couple times since the wedding!

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So why would anyone believe the word of some rando? Because she seems to have photo evidence.

That’s right, there are photos of what appears to be a nude Kit sprawled out on a bed, supposedly after she effed “his brain out.” That’s why it’s going viral.

Buuuuut we have some concerns…

First, obviously these types of photos can be faked. While it does look a LOT like him, it could be a lookalike. It could even be a deep fake. The technology is real.

Second, and this is our bigger concern, what if the photos ARE real — but they weren’t taken by a scheming mistress.

A key point to consider? There is no sign of the supposed paramour, or any woman for that matter, in the photos.

It just looks like Kit nude on a hotel bed, hand grasping his computer (which we have to assume is called Lapclaw).

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Are these pics hacked from the cloud? Even worse, were they taken by hotel staff who snuck into his room to steal a peek??

We’re going to be super clear here. We are not even going to link to these photos. They’re elsewhere on the net, but they won’t be here.

We wouldn’t have reported this at all except if you’re anything like us, and you happened to search for “Kit Harington nude” for Game of Thrones research purposes you were bound to come across them. We think it’s only fair to brace you for the impact.

(That, and we felt compelled to offer an argument that it’s possible this is all fake — because it feels fake.)

So what do YOU think, Perezcious readers and Throne watchers? Could Kit have strayed from Rose??

We hope not for his sake…

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[Image via Michael Wright/Lia Toby/WENN.]

Nov 21, 2018 5:30pm PDT