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Lady GaGa Blasted For Selling Out To PFIZER In 'Cringey' Ad!

Lady GaGa Called Out For Endorsing Migraine Drug In 'Cringey' Ad!

Is Lady GaGa becoming a little bit too Shallow?

If you’ve followed the mega pop star throughout her highly successful career, you’ll know she ALWAYS prioritized authenticity above all else. In her music, her acting career, and her unwavering advocacy for marginalized groups — particularly the LGBTQIA+ community.  However, fans are concerned that she may be turning over a new leaf — one more concerned with green.

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On Tuesday, the Bad Romance singer took to Instagram to share with her 55.2 million followers her latest paid partnership — with pharmaceutical heavyweight Pfizer! Yes, GaGa is now in bed with Big Pharma.

The ad is for their migraine drug Nurtec — you know, the same one Khloé Kardashian hocked last year! She wrote in her overtly promotional post:

“Ever since childhood, I’ve dealt with migraine pain. When I tried Nurtec® ODT (rimegepant) 75 mg for the first time, I’ll never forget wishing I had found it sooner. That’s why I’m proud to partner with Nurtec ODT. We’re in this together. If you’re ready to speak to a doctor, ask about Nurtec ODT today.”

Alongside her caption, she shared a pic of herself performing on stage with the Nurtec logo in the upper right corner, which, let’s face it, looked like something from a Saturday Night Live sketch. See (below):

See what we mean?! If you think that was bad, ch-ch-check out her full commercial (below):

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Safe to say, fans were NOT enthused with the Stupid Love singer’s new business venture, calling it “cringey” — among other things — in the comments:

“Girl what the hell happened to you that you’re like this and care about money this way and nothing else anymore? Not the person who used to say ‘I f**ing hate money’ in 2009”

“Healthcare is a human right, not a commodity to exploit for the sake greed and wealth. I know you are compassionate, intelligent and thoughtful. I hope you will show that through the ways you use your platform and privilege moving forward. This ain’t it”

“Noooo Gaga what are you doing!!! These big pharma don’t care about anything but our money.”

“Annndddddd unfollowing. In bed with big pharma? For shame Gaga.”

“Delete this”

Others criticized how the Mother Monster has prioritized posting for financial gain while seemingly ignoring Pride Month:

“Love you but this is so Poorly timed, the LGBTQ community is actively under attack and you’re securing a brand deal with pain killers?”

“It’s pride month and you’ve posted two different ads but don’t have time to say anything about the terrifying campaign against trans rights?”

Oof, not great. Hey, maybe being against the dangerous anti-LGBT movement didn’t test well in Pfizer’s focus groups, so she was told not to say anything? Who even knows now…

What are YOUR thoughts on GaGa’s newest paid partnership, Perezcious readers? Do you think she’s sold out? Let us know in the comments down below.

[Images via Pfizer/YouTube]

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