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Celebrity Psychiatrist Thinks Britney Spears Needs ANOTHER Conservatorship Amid Spending Problems!

Britney Spears Psychiatrist Thinks She Needs ANOTHER Conservatorship Amid Spending Problems!

Could this be the end of the #FreeBritney movement? A psychiatrist thinks it would be the best choice…

On TMZ‘s live show Monday, Dr. Charles Sophy sat down and talked about Britney Spearsrecent money situation. If you’re not all caught up, sources are saying Brit Brit is in “serious danger” of going broke due to her allegedly frivolous spending habits, even going as far to claim she has “no concept of money”.

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A source told PageSix recently that people around her have actually been trying to help, but it’s “tricky” because no one wants to make her feel like there’s a “Jamie 2.0” around — AKA make her feel like she’s back under conservatorship. But this doc thinks that’s exactly what she needs! In the video, when asked if he was surprised about the money rumors, he said:

“It doesn’t surprise me at all because the conservatorship was there for a reason. And even though … it might not have been, you know, with the right person, the actual process needs to be in place.”

Why? He says she needs “structure” due to her “mental illness” that he believes she’s not taking her medication for:

“I think that’s probably what happened here. This is a no medication situation … Well, because of the erratic behavior, the manic-y spending of money, recklessness, destroying people around her. No one feels safe around her. No one can control her. She’s out of control, on many levels.”


Some serious allegations there. But Dr. Sophy fears she could be a danger to herself, someone else, or be placed in a psychiatric hold soon if she’s not stable. He still thinks a new conservatorship would be the best bet for Britney, despite how her fans might feel:

“[I would put her on] medication … If she doesn’t want to take it, I would inject it in her. She needs medication. She’s out of control.”

A lot to digest. See the full video for yourself (below):

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