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Lauryn Hill's Neurotic Society Contains A Slew Of Hateful, Anti-LGBT Lyrics!

lauryn hill neurotic society drag queens pride fiends girl men anti lgbt
Fresh off losing a battle against the IRS, Lauryn Hill is picking a new fight!
And we don’t like it one bit!!
If the lyrics to her new track Neurotic Society are any indication, the singer/rapper extraordinaire blames the LGBT community for the degradation of civilization!!
Ugh!! We wish we were kidding!
In the song’s opening verse, the former Fugees star negatively references “drag queens,” “pride fiends,” and “girl men.”
She raps:

Commerce and girl men
Run the whole world men
Bold, drunken debauchery
Old world brutality
Cold world killed softly
Whole world run savagely
Greedy men and pride fiends
Program TV screens
Quick scam and drag queens
Real life’s been blasphemed

Yuck! How truly disappointing!!!
The track was admittedly rushed quicker than Lauryn would’ve liked to satisfy a legal deadline, but there is no excuse for including such an intolerant message!!
We aren’t sure whether these are actually her beliefs or she’s just trying to drum up attention to help album sales, but we wish she’d take her role as a community leader more seriously!
Spreading hate is NEVER cool!
[Image via WENN.]

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May 28, 2013 19:04pm PDT