LeAnn Rimes Open Up On Hubby Eddie Cibrian; Listen To The Song About The Affair HERE!

She’s got a lot of X Factor drama right now…

But she’s also got a new single!

Borrowed tells the tale of LeAnn Rimes‘ heart throughout the affair with Eddie Cibrian. Now married to the man, she and Eddie slept with each other behind the back of his then-wife — Real Housewife of Beverly Hills, Brandi Glanville.

Singing “I hold on even though I know it’s wrong, cause I don’t wanna give you back, you’re the best I ever had, but you’re borrowed,” LeAnn opens a side of herself that she struggled with for A WHILE!

In fact, she even says she was terrified of releasing it because:

“I carried that song and that title around with me for about eight months. I was afraid to write it because I knew I had to be incredibly personal. When I did, it was through a lot of tears. I actually was scared to put him in the song, because it does talk about how we both hurt each other. There was a moment where we did have some hurt between the two of us that we had to accept and get over and move forward.”

Well… there wasn’t just hurt between you two! LOL!

PRESS PLAY to watch an emotional LeAnn perform the song for a fresh audience above! It’s really somethin’ else!

And as much as we can’t stand cheating, it is what it is.

Sometimes it even leads to the greater good. For example, let’s just say (hypothetically) that a certain A-LIST actor and a certain A-LIST actress WERE IN FACT fooling around before he separated from a certain rom-com QUEEN. Without that kind of catalyst to break up, she may have never wound up with a certain intellectual writer/actor — a man who’s clearly perfect for her!

Look. We’re NOT saying it’s right or condoning it by any means. People can definitely RESPECT the other person and WAIT to explore new territory AFTER breaking up first. BUT… what can any of us do about the past other than learn from it and hope like hell it turns into a better outcome for everyone!

Dec 22, 2012 5:04pm PDT

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