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LeBron James Confronted By Vicious 'Courtside Karen' During Lakers Game In Atlanta! This Is CRAZY!

LeBron James gets into it with Courtside Karen during a Lakers game in Atlanta!

LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers were closing out a ridiculously long seven-game road trip Monday night in Atlanta when things got WEIRD!

Not for the Lakers, though! They cruised, winning by eight over the Atlanta Hawks to improve their record to 16-6, tied for the most wins in the NBA this season. No, the s**t hit the fan for one couple sitting courtside who couldn’t stop heckling LeBron during the game — and then couldn’t handle the consequences when he called them on it! This is WILD!

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Late in the fourth quarter of the Lakers’ eventual win in the ATL, referees stopped the game momentarily when this woman (blonde hair, below) wagged her finger at LeBron and the reigning league champs:

Whoa! It’s not every day you see a fan get up and point a finger like that at a pro athlete! Like, we get it, sports are intense, but DAMN, GIRL!!!

BTW, the announcer’s comment about “that one meme with the lady and the cat” is actually pretty spot on:

Amazing! Quite the reference worked in perfectly on live TV!

It was kind of tough to tell what happened just based on that short clip (above) though, and the Lakers’ announcers didn’t completely pick up on the entire incident at the time. Fortunately, they have Twitter to help them out!

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Here’s a minute-by-minute breakdown of everything that led up to the moment the refs had to stop the game (below)! Basically, the aforementioned woman’s husband was the first person to get into it with LeBron, and she jumped in to defend her man! Yes, really! Be warned, though, because there is some NSFW language in this clip:

That’s wild!!!

And yes, the fans were booted from the arena. That’s pretty standard; you can heckle players from the sideline, but once your actions start to force the refs to stop the game, well, you have to figure you’re going to be forced to leave…

After the matchup, King James took the high road in his virtual press conference, hilariously noting that, uhhh, he was just glad to have fans back inside the arena (on a limited basis, with masks!) to drum up some excitement again:

Ha! He couldn’t even get that out of his mouth without cracking a little grin! You know he had more fun than he let on… But it was after his postgame press conference where the fun really began! Shortly after the match, LeBron delivered this gem of a tweet that ignited everything on social media:


Best. Nickname. EVER!!!

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She earned it, too; she stayed mad ALL night long! Hours after the game, the woman — identified as Juliana Carlos based on her (very prolific) Instagram activity relaying what happened in the incident — took to her IG Stories to deliver this truly epic rant about LeBron:

Amazing! It’s better than anything that’s been on reality TV in a decade! Even on Tuesday morning, both her and her husband (who goes by the name of “Daddy Carlos“) had left their IG accounts public and completely open. Of course, she has gained thousands of followers since the incident…

And “Courtside Karen” caught on and spread like wildfire, too. Twitter went absolutely crazy over the unforgettable brouhaha! Here are just a few of the reactions to the battle royale:

“Lebron right now probably about to have a midnight glass of red wine before calling it a night while courtside Karen still worked up about it on Instagram.”

“As it relates to ‘Courtside Karen,’ you should never take anyone who uses glitter filters to record Instagram rants seriously”

“Can’t say I agree with Lebron extending the issue past the court, but damn I’m enjoying this clout reach backfire. #courtsidekaren”

“#courtsidekaren husband is 60. I see why she was drinking a lot of wine at the game.”

“She got what she wanted her name in the public to promote being an ‘Instagram model’ which essentially is an overly plastic, overly airbrushed chick who can’t get a real modeling contract so she poses online & does stunts for attention”

“courtside karen’s husband’s instagram is amazingly terrible”

So crazy!

What do U think of Courtside Karen, Perezcious readers?!

Nothin’ like misbehaving at a public sporting event and being told off by one of the greatest athletes to ever live. Just another Monday in Atlanta, apparently! LOLz!!

[Image via WENN/YouTube]

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