First They’re Sweet, Then They’re Sour — Liam Hemsworth Flips The Switch On Unsuspecting Miley Cyrus!

First they’re sour… then they’re sweet… y’all know that commercial we’re talking about, right?!

Well, Liam Hemsworth apparently decided it’s better to lead with your best foot and show the sour side later, because the two Instagram snaps he posted yesterday with Miley Cyrus are somethin’ else!

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First, Hemsworth opted for a cute selfie of the pair walking their four-legged friends — you know, just a sweet afternoon between him and his love (below):

Strolls with my girls.

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But Hemsworth couldn’t help but show his other side a few hours later — when, donning what appears to be some type of camouflage hunting mask, he goes for the easy scare of Cyrus in the car (below):

Gets her every time 😂

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Somebody’s jumpy… LOLz!

With these two as strong as ever together right now even despite persistent rumors to the contrary, it sure seems like Hemsworth has perfected the sour/sweet ratio!

[Image via Instagram.]

Aug 29, 2018 7:05am PST

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