Lindsay Lohan’s Disturbing Post-Brawl Jailbreak! Watch The Video HERE!!!


Lilo is back on the mean streets of NYC!!

Police arrested Lindsay Lohan after last night’s alleged club brawl, but have now re-released her into the wild and, boy-oh-boy, were the poachers waiting for her!

Sadly for the cameramen, the Mean Girls star was not at her most approachable!

The ill-tempered jailhouse queen left the po-po precinct, hopped into her ride, and rudely kicked out her friend and former assistant Gavin Doyle!!

Ch-ch-check out all those hijinks and more… AFTER THE JUMP!!!

What the heck!?

Gavin just bailed you out of a jail cell and you make him walk home?!

Yikes! One might wonder why Lifetime‘s casting dept didn’t see her as more of a… Dick!

Lindsay may not be behind bars at the moment, but, after what seems to be a clear cut violation of her probation, her legal troubles have just begun!!

She’s seriously in water hot enough to boil a lobster!

We wonder if she’ll pull a Roman Polanski and direct Chinatown flee the country to evade prosecution?!

[Image via Nikki Nelson/WENN & video via New York Post.]

Nov 29, 2012 2:24pm PDT