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Love Is Blind Star Jackie FINALLY Apologizes For 'Tasteless' Comments About Marshall!

‘Love Is Blind’ star Jackie apologizes for ‘tasteless’ comments about Marshall

The apologies are rolling in…

Love Is Blind’s Jackie Bonds is finally apologizing for things she said about her ex-fiancé Marshall Glaze in leaked text messages!

If you haven’t been keeping up with the drama, while season 4 of the dating series was streaming on Netflix, messages surfaced online two weeks ago that appeared to show Jackie texting her friends about Marshall, referring to him as “sweet” and making jokes about his sexuality after he “twerked” on the bed. In one message, she supposedly wrote:

“I don’t want to hear y’all at my wedding yelling that he has sugar in his tank either please. I can just hear y’all bitches yelling, ‘HES A TEAPOT’”

Damn. Not a good look for her AT ALL.

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Marshall seemingly responded to the texts on Twitter, clapping back in early April:

“The only ‘sugar’ I got goes on those f**king pancakes”

Get caught up on all the messiness (below)!


Marshall seemingly responds to the Jackie Text messages that were released anonymously on IG #loveisblind #realitytv #loveisblindnetflix #lib4

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While all this drama took place off-screen, Marshall did reference the texts during the reunion special. Unfortunately, Jackie was not there in person, so they couldn’t actually discuss things at length — and she didn’t even bring up the controversy during her pre-taped interview! Instead, she claimed Marshall called her a “derogatory” name which led to their breakup. He denied saying such a word but did admit to saying something insensitive about her appearance after he had to put up with so many jabs about his sexuality. Now, it seems Jackie’s finally changed her tune and is owning up to her actions just the same.

On Tuesday, the reality starlet took to Instagram with a lengthy message in which she expressed thanks for Marshall after he attempted to clear the air on both Sunday night’s reunion and Tuesday’s episode of The Viall Files podcast. She began:

“I would like to start this off by saying I sincerely apologize and take accountability for my actions and words in my relationship between Marshall and I.”

She added:

“I would also like to apologize and take accountability for my disparaging remarks as well in those leaked messages. It was tasteless and disrespectful to speak about anyone that way.”

Elsewhere, she thanked the 27-year-old marketing manager for helping to confirm the timeline of her relationship with her boyfriend Josh Demas, whom she connected with in the pods and got together with right after calling things off with Marshall. She wrote:

“I also want to take the time to express my gratitude and appreciation for Marshall clearing up that I did in fact end the relationship before meeting Josh at the coffee shop. I understand that it was a quick transition from one relationship to another but this relationship did not start as most do in the real world. To some it may seem as if it was a quick transition, however there is only a small percent that can be shown on tv and my connection with Josh was much deeper than it seems from a viewers perspective.”

Hmm… Not sure that’s going to be very reassuring to those who believe she cheated on Marshall!

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Jackie, also 27, says she is now willing to “learn and grow” from this experience, insisting both she and her ex “deserve happiness, peace, and to be able [to] move on from what transpired last year.” The dental assistant concluded:

“Marshall and I have personally apologized to each and also took accountability for our actions and have moved on. I would also like to apologize and take accountability to the public as it was done on the show for everyone to see. Actions speak louder than words.”

Alongside her apology, she shared a clip from Marshall’s time on Nick Viall’s podcast, in which he said he believes it’s 100% true that the coffee shop date occurred after they split, as opposed to what it seemed in the show’s edit. Take a look:

Whoa. It sure took her a long time to apologize, especially compared to how Marshall owned up to his actions on the spot during the reunion! But better late than never, we suppose. Thoughts? Let us know (below)!

[Image via Netflix]

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