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Vanessa Lachey Apologizes To Paul After 'Hostile' Love Is Blind Reunion!

Vanessa Lachey Apologizes To Paul After Brutal Love Is Blind Reunion!

Vanessa Lachey is owning up… sorta!

After Sunday night’s Love Is Blind season 4 live reunion, contestant Paul Peden slammed the co-host for attacking him during the show, and now she’s apologizing!

Paul took to his Instagram Story on Monday to reveal the co-host had sent him followers following their heated exchange about his breakup from Micah Lussier (as well as a viral video in which it looks like he was tapping Micah’s friend on the ass while leaving his failed wedding). Alongside a photo of the flowers in his hotel room, Paul revealed:

“Thanks for acknowledging the accidental misleading @vanessalachey”

Mmkay, that’s sort of a cryptic way to phrase it, but we get what he’s implying! She apparently felt bad and tried to make it right with a little gift. Sweet!

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Check out the lavish apology (below)!

Vanessa Lachey Apologizes To Paul After Brutal Love Is Blind Reunion!
(c) Paul Peden/Instagram

If you missed the drama, Paul walked away from the reunion telling People it was an “interrogation” and that he felt disappointed he couldn’t properly speak on the issues that really mattered to him. When asked why he was so heated, he said it felt like Vanessa was “drilling” him on certain aspects of his breakup based on her own “bias,” he explained:

“I thought that I detected a little bit of personal bias there. I’m not sure what it was.”

And he wasn’t alone in this. Thousands of fans have now called out both Vanessa and Nick Lachey for their job at the reunion — and they are begging Netflix to fire them! Will this apology be the first of many?? If they’re going to have to fight to keep their gig, maybe!

To be fair, though, aren’t all reality TV reunion hosts like this? Aren’t the producers asking it of them? We’ve definitely seen opinionated engagement from other highly respected hosts, too, like Bravo‘s Andy Cohen and The Circle‘s Michelle Buteau. So what is it about Nick and Vanessa’s performance that’s receiving the harshest criticism? Thoughts? Sound OFF (below)!

[Image via Netflix]

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