Mark Zuckerberg’s Worth Drops BIG Time

Mark Zuckerbergs worth drops big time

Maybe taking Facebook public wasn’t the best idea after all.

Since the initial public offering, the price of the company’s stock has dropped dramatically. What started out as $38 a share is now just $27.24 (as of right now) and the company’s worth has dropped by at least $25 billion!

Since Mark Zuckerberg‘s fortune is dependent on the stock’s performance on the market, his worth has decreased by $5 billion. In fact, he’s actually been knocked off of Bloomberg‘s list of top 40 billionaires worldwide.

As of May 18, the young entrepreneur was worth $19.4 billion, but since the value of his shares dropped, the Zuckmeister is only worth $14.7 billion!

That’s a huge hit to take in less than 2 weeks, but we don’t feel too terrible for him. A $14.7 billion personal worth still ain’t too shabby for a 28-year-old.

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May 31, 2012 11:15pm PST

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