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Get Out Your Magnifying Glasses! The Ant-Sized First Teaser For Ant-Man Is HERE!

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For one of the smallest superheroes, this is probably the biggest tease we’ve ever seen.
Not the biggest teaser — the biggest TEASE! Because it’s the SMALLEST teaser!
[ Photos: First Look At A SERIOUSly Sexy Paul Rudd In Ant-Man! ]
Marvel decided to get cheeky with their announcement of the first Ant-Man trailer by releasing a TEENY TINY shrunken-down version on Friday morning!
Ch-ch-check out the video (below), watch it again in full-size, sigh in desperation, then see Paul Rudd in the human-sized version on January 6th’s premiere of Agent Carter!

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Jan 02, 2015 15:41pm PDT

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