Melania Trump Cancels ANOTHER Event — Leading To Some Wild Twitter Theories About Her ‘Disappearance’!

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The First Lady of the United States hasn’t been seen in over three weeks now, and people are going NUTS with speculation!

Melania Trump has now officially canceled her trip to Camp David with the President, marking 22 days since she’s been out in public.

Her spokeswoman said in the confirmation that Melania is “feeling great” after her May 14 kidney procedure.

But have we heard directly from her AT ALL? Not if you believe all the folks convinced that tweet attacking the media and saying she was fine was actually written by Donald Trump himself!

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In the context of a woman who allegedly has her own apartment in Trump Tower, didn’t immediately move to the White House with him, and smacks away his attempts at handholding in public, well… the whole situation has America doing a Rear Window on the White House lawn.

We’ve heard theories from the outrageous (she had plastic surgery) to the outlandish (she escaped and is hiding with the Obamas) to the obvious (she just fuckin’ hates her husband).

See some of the wildest and funniest Twitter reactions to Melaniagate (below):

[Image via Dennis Van Tine/Future Image/WENN.]

Jun 1, 2018 4:32pm PST

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