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North Las Vegas Substitute Teacher Allegedly Forced Kids To KISS In Class -- Then Told Them 'How To Do It Right'

Nevada Substitute Teacher Charged After Allegedly Forcing Kids To KISS In Class!

A Nevada substitute teacher has been charged with two counts of child abuse after forcing a classroom of sixth graders into a very disturbing situation.

According to the North Las Vegas Police Department, on October 10, Rasheda Rose acted extremely inappropriately while subbing for a class full of youngsters. She allegedly instructed them on how to lie to their teachers, how to permanently delete things off of their cell phones and keep other content hidden, and how to make secondary social media accounts. Hiding their secrets and making burner accounts? Why would a TEACHER be helping with this stuff??


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One of the children from the class told authorities the 29-year-old even instructed them to close the blinds, which regularly is reserved for emergency situations only — and she then proceeded to use profane language when made aware of the fact. She also allegedly initiated a game of Never Have I Ever. You know, the party game where everyone ends up telling their dirtiest secrets and getting upset?

But it gets worse…

According to KLAS, Rasheda forced two children to kiss after asking the class if anyone was dating — and then proceeded to tell them “how to do it right.” WTF!!!

In audio recordings allegedly taken by students and obtained by police, the sub can be heard saying:

“We’re not going to say anything. What happens in Mrs. Rose classroom, stays in Mrs. Rose classroom.”

Seriously, what the hell??

Rasheda was arrested on November 1 after calling the PD and trying to pin the situation on the kids, allegedly saying it was them who had been “acting in a sexual manner,” and “acting inappropriately.”

The North Vegas charter school, Legacy Traditional, addressed the disturbing situation with the following statement:

“We confirm recent reports of an incident with a 6th-grade substitute teacher. After school, it came to our attention that the substitute teacher, supplied to us by an external substitute teacher agency, made inappropriate comments towards students. The substitute teacher was not a Legacy Traditional Schools employee and will not return to a Legacy campus.”

Absolutely wild. We knew substitutes could often be pretty unqualified — basically like babysitters for when the teacher was out. But aren’t there background checks that can weed out people who would do something like this??

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[Image via North Las Vegas Police Department]

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