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Taylor Swift Fans Horrified After Picture Of Baby Lying On Floor IN THE PIT At Eras Tour Paris Goes Viral!

Taylor Swift Fans Horrified After Picture Of Baby Laying On Floor IN THE PIT At Eras Tour Goes Viral!

Taylor Swift fans are furious that one Swiftie brought their baby to the Eras Tour! And the child was in the pit of all places!

A shocked concertgoer who attended Friday’s Paris show took to X (Twitter) to share a since-deleted photo of a child camped out on the floor in the middle of the pit. And the image obviously sparked LOTS of controversy! The user later clarified that they were not the parent nor the original photographer, but they had THOUGHTS on the upsetting sight, remarking:

“Not to be one of those people but I would genuinely call security if I saw a baby in the pit because it is NOT safe there”

In the photo, an infant could be seen lying on the floor next to a bag of merch. An unidentified person stood above them, but it’s unclear if they were the baby’s parent or guardian. A second photo appeared to show the child asleep on the floor with headphones on for ear protection.

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In both photos, it’s hard to tell at what point during the show it was, since nobody’s faces or the stage could be seen. That said, several wrist bands were lighting up pink as they do when the Lover singer is onstage. If so, that’s an even wilder time to have the baby on the floor! With all those people in such a tight space, anything could happen!

Outraged by the pic, fans took to social media to hash out their frustrations, writing:

“As a mom of a baby that’s about this size, i couldn’t imagine being them into a concert at all. i understand sitters are hard to find, so if you really needed to bring them, you shouldn’t be in the pit. you should have a carrier for them, and the baby needs ear protection”

“”wtf…wouldn’t a baby find it overwhelming too, it looks like they may have ear protectors on but even so it wld still be loud, chaotic, lots of movement & flashing lights etc :/ I don’t see the point in taking a baby to a concert tbh they are not gonna even know what’s going on”

As mentioned, the child did appear to have some kind of ear protection on. But still, this was a Taylor Swift concert, it was bound to be loud AF! Putting an infant in that environment — and on the floor by everyone’s feet — seems like a recipe for disaster. Continuing to criticize the guardians, fans wrote:

“how could they even think that bringing a baby in these kind of events is a good idea wth”

“can’t imagine how stressful it must have been for the baby to be in that environment”

“Literally if there was an emergency and everyone had to rush to exit that baby would get stepped on or injured. It’s literally so upsetting to me I can’t even”

As upsetting as it may be, it wasn’t actually against policy! The arena doesn’t have any age limits for concerts. While they made a guide for the Eras Tour to keep fans informed about bag restrictions and prohibited items, it made no mention of children. There is, however, one section on the site that says the venue “doesn’t recommend bringing children under the age of 4, even if accompanied, particularly due to the high volume.” But that’s buried in the FAQ section.

Interestingly, a rep for La Défense Arena is trying to clap back at the controversy, though — by suggesting that they tried to get the baby outta the pit! The rep told Page Six on Sunday that “general terms and conditions of sale stipulate that all minors (without any age limit) holding a ticket for a concert at Paris La Défense arena must be accompanied by an adult. Under 18 children remain under their legal guardian responsibility, its venue policy. For spectators with a young child in the floor, an alternative seating arrangement has been proposed but refused by ticket holders.”

Jeez! So, the venue knew it wasn’t the smartest thing to have an infant in the pit, but they let it happen anyway! They’re just all so lucky there was no crisis that could’ve put this child in danger!

Now, what do YOU think about all this, Perezcious readers?? Should a child even be allowed at a concert like this? Sound OFF (below)!

[Image via Taylor Swift/YouTube & MEGA/WENN]

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