As His Prison Release Date Nears, O.J. Simpson Is Ready For Retirement — And LOTS Of Golf…

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It’s nearly time for O.J. Simpson to leave prison, and it sounds like he’s got plans to live the retired life by hitting the links early and often.

According to reports out that are sourcing O.J.’s lawyer, Malcolm LaVergne, the Juice is narrowing down his future home to one of five potential residences across Florida.

Now, O.J. must submit a plan to parole, but he hasn’t picked yet — and no, his children’s homes and assets are NOT involved in the plan.

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Per TMZ, Simpson doesn’t want to burden his children and/or draw attention to them, so he’s opting for the help of “wealthy and supportive friends” who are, apparently, donating their homes to O.J. to live.

But more than just where he’s set to live, the former football star is already looking forward to playing golf and laying low outside of prison — planning on hitting the links quite a bit and, well, not doing too much else.

It’s a sensible enough plan considering the media hype upon his release is going to be insane… but skeptics say he’s not content to lay low and his old habits — always being a media darling who loves the spotlight — will soon push Simpson to return to public life in some capacity.

Oh boy.

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Sep 17, 2017 1:22pm PDT