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Influencer Slams Newlyweds Olivia Culpo & Christian McCaffrey -- And They Fire Right Back! This Fight Got VICIOUS!

Olivia Culpo & Christian McCaffrey Fire Back At Influencer’s ‘Extremely Hurtful’ Criticisms Of Her Wedding Dress!

How did Olivia Culpo and Christian McCaffrey spend their first few days as newlyweds? Not just by enjoying some time together after their nuptials, but by clapping back at one social media influencer’s criticisms of her wedding dress! Yes, really!

For the big day in Rhode Island over the weekend, the former pageant queen wore a long-sleeved dress from Dolce & Gabbana with a massive train, a button-lined back, and a 16-foot lace veil. It was stunning! Ch-ch-check it out (below):


Many applauded Olivia for her wedding dress. But one social media user? Well, they were not a fan of it at all! Fashion influencer Kennedy Bingham shared her honest opinions about Olivia’s “modest” dress in a video posted to Instagram and TikTok.

Perhaps it was a little too honest in the eyes of the Miss Universe winner and her new hubby, tho! While the social media personality noted she could comment that Olivia was a “beautiful bride” in her “simple, elegant dress,” she cannot bring herself to say those words. Why? Kennedy doesn’t “like” it — mainly due to all the “stuff surrounding the dress that leaves kind of a bitter aftertaste.” Ouch…

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For starters, she criticized the reason why Olivia chose the gown. The 32-year-old reality star told Vogue she didn’t want her wedding dress “to exude sex in any way, shape, or form” and instead wanted something “that felt as serious as that commitment” of marriage. While Kennedy has no issues with someone wanting to dress modestly, she doesn’t like how Olivia pushed the idea of all brides needing to look like that on their wedding days:

“There is nothing wrong with wanting a modest wedding dress or just modest attire in general. But the way she was talking about this went beyond just wanting something modest for herself and pushing this idea of what she thinks all brides should look like… What you wear on your wedding day has almost nothing to do with whether or not you’re going to have a long and happy marriage…”

Kennedy then called her statements “really odd” and accused her of making it sound like “a very eloquent way of saying that you are asking for whatever you are dressed as, which is an extremely harmful way of thinking.” Yikes! The other issue the content creator had? That Christian finds Olivia the “most beautiful” when she’s wearing something “timeless, covered, and elegant.” Oh, and the fact that the model oddly talks about “coverage” a lot! Kennedy explained:

“I also think it’s weird how much she’s talking about coverage, especially as someone who in her day-to-day life is not a modest dresser … I just think the usage of the word ‘covered’ is so icky, because you are not covered in day-to-day life. And, also, why is he thinking you’re the most beautiful when you’re covered? That’s such an odd thing.”

It wasn’t just Olivia’s comments Kennedy had a problem with! She also slammed her for working with Dolce & Gabbana when the company has a history of racism, homophobia, and body shaming. Ultimately, Kennedy felt the gown gave “nothing” and had an “absence of personality,” adding:

“It’s very clear that this was not a wedding. This was a conservative campaign, and it wasn’t even well done … You took this disingenuous pick-me route that honestly felt more like you were thinking about your narrative than your actual marriage.”

Damn!!! Watch the video (below):

What do the bride and groom have to say in response? Yeah, they listened to Kennedy’s criticisms and had a lot to say to her! Soon after the video dropped, Christian took to the comments section on Instagram to slam the influencer for her “evil” remarks:

“What an evil thing to post online. I hope you can find joy and peace in the world, the way my beautiful wife does.”

And Kennedy didn’t just ignore the San Francisco 49ers running back! Nope, she fired back:

“So what’s evil is pointing out the potential internalized misogyny behind her reasoning, your (imo) patriarchal comment, and the racist/ homophobic/fatphobic history of the designers she worked with?”

As for Olivia? Before blocking Kennedy on social media, she took to the comment section of the same video posted to TikTok to call the fashionista an “evil person”:

“Wow what an absolutely evil person you are. I hope no one ever tears you apart in this way because it’s extremely hurtful. I love this dress and it was everything I wanted and more.”

But once again, Kennedy stood her ground! She replied:

“So we just aren’t going to acknowledge how your words come across to other people or the background of the designers you’re supporting? Like I said, the dress is beautiful and you look stunning. It’s everything surrounding it I didn’t agree with.”

Olivia then shut down Kennedy’s claim that she has eyebrow lamination and lash extensions in a follow-up comment.

But the social media star STILL wasn’t done clapping back!! She pointed out how The Masked Singer alum once again ignored the fact that she spoke about the fashion brand’s “long history of homophobia and racism” or that her words pushed “a harmful standard of misogyny” and instead she was more “upset about the lash comment.” Well, Olivia didn’t like that response! She went on to say:

“Are you saying I’m racist, homophobic, and misogynistic because of my wedding dress? So the MILLIONS of people who wear DG are racist and homophobic? What a bizarre human you are.”

Clearly, Kennedy hit a nerve with Olivia! Kennedy ended the back-and-forth drama with one final comment to the bride, saying:

“Not millions of people work directly with the designer and sing their praises of what a great human they are. They are not just a designer to you they are a coworker. Don’t belittle yourself. I’m also not saying YOU’RE anything. I’m saying that your actions allude to a certain mindset that you aren’t doing anything to contradict.”

See the comments (below):

Olivia Culpo & Christian McCaffrey Fire Back At Influencer’s ‘Extremely Hurtful’ Criticisms Of Her Wedding Dress!
(c) Kennedy Bingham/Instagram
Olivia Culpo & Christian McCaffrey Fire Back At Influencer’s ‘Extremely Hurtful’ Criticisms Of Her Wedding Dress!
(c) Kennedy Bingham/Instagram
Olivia Culpo & Christian McCaffrey Fire Back At Influencer’s ‘Extremely Hurtful’ Criticisms Of Her Wedding Dress!
(c) Kennedy Bingham/Instagram

Yikes!! The wedding drama apparently doesn’t stop even after walking down the aisle!

What are YOUR thoughts on the matter, Perezcious readers? Sound OFF in the comments below!

[Image via Kennedy Bingham/Olivia Culpo/Instagram]

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