Olivia Munn Opens Up To Ellen DeGeneres About ‘The Predator’ Sex Offender Controversy

Olivia Munn is one tough woman!

The star of the new film The Predator has been making the media rounds recently after she found out an actor who had a (now-deleted) scene in the movie is a registered sex offender with a nasty criminal history!

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But despite feeling shunned by cast mates after the revelations came out, Olivia is getting a LOT of credit publicly for bringing attention to such a troublesome situation.

And as you can see (above), it even landed her on the set of Ellen to talk to host Ellen DeGeneres about it, too. It’s a powerful and important clip that really speaks to the larger forces at play around this controversy!

Bravo, Olivia!!

Sep 11, 2018 8:30am PST