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Prince Harry Is 'Bored' Because His Friends Find Meghan Markle Too 'Difficult' & Won't Visit Him!

Prince Harry Is 'Bored' Because All His Friends Find Meghan Markle 'Difficult' And Won't Visit Montecito!

Prince Harry is reportedly struggling in California!

Ever since leaving England in 2020, the Duke of Sussex has become increasingly estranged from his UK friends — who find his wife Meghan Markle so “difficult” that they refuse to even visit California! Yeesh!

On Saturday, royal expert Tom Quinn told The Mirror the Archewell co-founder no longer sees any of his pals, making his life in Montecito isolated and depressing. The author explained:

“Harry on the other hand is increasingly bored and looking back across the Atlantic where most of his army and school friends still live and whom he never sees because they won’t visit him in the States because they find Meghan difficult.”

Harry’s old friends reportedly “don’t like Meghan” and have blamed her for turning the royal into what one of them dubbed “Harry the Hippy.” LOLz! What a reason not to visit him!

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But, of course, this can’t all be blamed on the Suits star. In fact, she’s not the only thing getting in the way of her husband’s friendships because his friends are also avoiding meet-ups when he’s solo in his home country!

The 39-year-old’s Europe-based inner circle notably didn’t take the time to see him during his recent trip to London for the Invictus Games‘ 10th anniversary in May (when Harry was also snubbed by his whole family). Plus, there was that whole scandal over his buddy Hugh Grosvenor‘s wedding — in which he was left off the guest list because of his feud with Prince William. Basically, everyone has been forced to take sides in this ongoing royal rift — and no one is standing in the Sussexes’ corner! Oof!

Suggesting this is Harry’s own doing, the writer went on to suggest the father of two’s army friends felt “betrayed” by the way he wrote about his military experience in Spare, making them feel like they have “nothing in common” with him anymore. Jeez, that book helped wreck so many of his relationships!

That said, Tom noted that Harry may have been the one to avoid his school and military friends during his latest visit to London because they were “a part of the old pre-Meghan world” which he supposedly “hates to revisit.” Hmm. We suppose anything’s possible but it does seem more likely they’re the ones snubbing him!

BTW, this royal biographer previously claimed Harry was looking to buy a home across the pond so he’d be closer to his loved ones, but now it sounds kinda pointless. We mean, would they even visit him even if he was closer??

This has to stink considering Harry and Meg are also repotedly struggling to maintain their Cali friends, too! No wonder Harry’s bored! He’s got no one to hang with! Well, except his wife. Hope they’re getting along…

Reactions? Are you surprised Harry’s longtime friends would really cut ties with him over Meghan? Sound OFF (below)!

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