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Princess Catherine Maintaining 'Shroud Of Secrecy' About Surgery With Relatives & Staff STILL In The Dark!

Kate Middleton’s Surgery Remains In a ‘Shroud of Secrecy’ With Many Family Members Still in the Dark

Princess Catherine‘s family and staff STILL don’t know what’s going on with her! Seriously!?

Kate Middleton has been off the grid ever since having a so-called planned abdominal surgery in mid-January which forced her to be away from public duties until after Easter. But it clearly wasn’t planned! Since Kensington Palace‘s initial announcement, it’s been clear that many in the royal orbit were totally unaware of the health issue. And they are still being left in the dark after all this time and amid the many conspiracy theories about the Princess of Wales’ true whereabouts.

Speaking to Us Weekly on Wednesday, a royal source insisted the 42-year-old is “doing well.” Oof, they’re still sticking to this talking point even amid the photoshop drama?! This is just about all anyone on the inside has said about Kate’s health since her operation, and it hasn’t been convincing in a long time. Just saying!!

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Thankfully, the source also decided to share some insights on what’s going on behind the scenes… sort of. Mostly, they pointed out that Kate has no intentions of sharing more information about her condition with the public — for now. They explained:

“Whatever the reason for the operation was, it’s of a personal nature, and Kate wants to keep the details as private as possible.”

And it’s so private that some of her own family members haven’t even been filled in! The insider continued:

“Perhaps when she’s feeling up to it, she may reveal more, but she’s not making any promises.”

Jeez! It must be serious then!

A second confidant confirmed the palace is being “very hush-hush” about the situation, adding:

“A few of Kate’s senior staffers haven’t been able to see or speak to her, and they didn’t even know about the surgery until it was announced, so it’s caught them off guard.”

Can’t see or speak to her?? And these are senior staffers?! Yeah, that’s not going to help all those most shocking rumors! Apparently, the mother of three has recently started to open up to some members of her inner circle about the operation and recovery — but it’s a select few:

“Only a few people know what’s really going on, and they’re tight-lipped.”

Kate has only had a few visitors since her procedure, including King Charles III and Queen Camilla. But otherwise, the whole thing has been covered by a “shroud of secrecy,” the source stressed:

“It’s confusing and causing some concern.”

Her mom Carole Middleton has been among those most looped in. The first source said “her mother has been a huge help,” and acted as Kate’s “personal chauffeur and brought books and magazines for her to read during her convalescence.” While the future queen understands the curiosity about her health, she’s focused on maintaining her privacy, the insider went on:

“Kate’s said she feels she’s entitled to heal and recuperate without all of this frenzied speculation. Neither Kate nor [Prince] William think her medical records should be for public consumption.”

That might certainly be understandable, but unfortunately, she kinda lost that chance when her PR team royally f**ked up the messaging around her recovery! If they’d gotten ahead of the speculation and released a statement from Kate in the early days of her recovery, just think of all the conspiracy theories that could’ve been avoided?! Instead, it’s only become a bigger mess by the minute!

Speaking of, the source noted it was a “collective decision” to release the latest Mother’s Day photo of Kate and the kids — you know, the one which she later admitted to photoshopping. The first source expressed:

“[The idea was that] Kate could thank members of the public for all the support and at the same time put some of those ridiculous conspiracy rumors to rest.”

Would’ve been good, maybe, if it hadn’t been such a s**tty editing job! Addressing that snafu, the insider said it’s been a rough two months for the couple, sharing:

“She’s trying not to pay attention to all the rumors and gossip, and William is doing his best to shield her, but it’s distressing. […] This has been a stressful time for William and Kate, but they’re made of tough stuff and are weathering through.”

William, who is back to royal duties, is irritated over the constant questions about his wife as he steps out, too. It doesn’t help that with both Kate and Charles out of commission, the 41-year-old is having to take on a ton more responsibility, the confidant noted:

“There’s an unsettling feeling that things are crumbling within the monarchy. William is under tremendous pressure to keep things afloat.”

Hopefully, he’ll be joined by his wife sooner than later, the insider concluded:

“Kate’s extremely keen to get back to work. This has been one of the most challenging months for Kate as a royal, and she’s praying the fuss dies down as soon as possible.”

Easter is right around the corner, so it’s only a matter of time until she should be back in public like we’ve been told all along. And if she’s not?? Conspiracy theorists are gonna lose their minds!

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