Dorinda Medley Says Jules Wainstein’s RHONY Exit Was Mutual… & Reveals She Almost Left Once Herself!

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What are you doin’ here without Jules, Dorinda?!

Real Housewives of New York is not only the most entertaining installment of the iconic Bravo franchise… it’s practically the only watchable one left.

But while most people may credit Bethenny Frankel with the docuseries’ renewed success, we actually attribute that mostly to Dorinda Medley!

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Unfortunately for the martini lovin’ catchphrase machine, her BFF Jules Wainstein left her to fend for herself after RHONY‘s season finale this fall.

However, we’re happy to say her “firing” was indeed a mutual agreement on both parts!

Dorinda stopped by The Tomorrow Show with Keven Undergaro on Thursday where she explained Jules’ sudden departure, saying:

“They came to a mutual agreement. I don’t want anyone to think they kicked her off the show. They didn’t. They came to a mutual agreement. She went there and said, ‘I can’t talk about my divorce. I can’t bring my children on. You can’t be in my apartment.’ It’s a show, if [we] can’t talk about [your] divorce, [your] children, or be in [your] apartment, what are we going to talk about?”

We’re still bummed she’s gone… but that’s a very fair point.

But maybe this means Jules can come back after all!!

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Although, she may have made the right decision — because apparently, Dorinda almost left the show after her first season as well, admitting:

“Last season was toxic for me. In fact, I came off the last season, like, I don’t want to go on again. It took me a whole summer. I had to go back to the Berkshires. I had to spend time with my parents. It was really difficult. It got very dark last season. You didn’t leave there feeling good about it… people trying to ruin people’s lives; ruin people’s marriages.”

We’re just glad you were there for Season 8 though, Do — you made it nice!

Now we just can’t wait to see how Bethenny spins this one against her

Who do U think is the real MVP of NYC??

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Oct 21, 2016 4:25pm PST

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