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Do NOT Respond To A Breast Lift The Way Roselyn Sánchez's Husband Did!

Do NOT Respond To Breast Implants The Way Rosalyn Sanchez's Husband Did!

Oops! Eric Winter really put his foot in his mouth with this response!

On Tuesday’s episode of the He Said, Ella Dijo podcast, actress Roselyn Sánchez opened up about undergoing a breast lift — and she put her hubby on blast for how he reacted!

The Fantasy Island star began by explaining she went under the knife for a breast lift (without an implant), as well as to correct a scar on her right armpit. That was about ten days before the recording, so there had been a lot of healing since. She even praised her “incredible” doctor, Dr. Rady Rahban, for helping make sure everything went smoothly.

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While she hasn’t shown off her new boobs just yet, she said fans can expect to see a glimpse of them on her “next outing.” In the meantime, she’s still processing the emotional aspect of the transformation, which has left her feeling “a bit of depression,” which others have been known to experience after plastic surgery. Trying to stay positive, the Rush Hour alum added:

“My titties are beautiful. I’m gonna be very happy.”

The Puerto Rican singer-songwriter thinks it will take six weeks to a year before she feels “it was all worth it.” Discussing the challenges of the surgery, she noted:

“Right now, I’m still in shock because there’s scars and the anesthesia was an ordeal for me. It was a big surgery so as of now, I’m so grateful to my doctor and I know everything looks incredible. I have the pictures, people that I show them too, everybody’s like, ‘Ros, it looks amazing.'”

Well… maybe not everyone! Eric recalled receiving a photo from his wife after the procedure — and The Rookie star did NOT have the best reaction! He explained:

“The funny thing is she sends me a picture and says, ‘Are you happy.’ I was like, ‘It doesn’t matter what I think, ‘Are you happy?’ Why are you asking me if I’m happy, you just sent me a picture of Frankenstein boobs with scars and stitches.”


Clearly saying things like that isn’t helping. Roselyn quipped:

“Maybe this is why I’m going through a depression.”


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She then insisted she was just joking, noting how the actor has been “incredible” and “incredibly supportive” throughout this journey. However, she still would have preferred a better reaction to her results though! Roselyn continued:

“I take this picture, my body looks banging, yeah, I have scars but I felt cute. I sent it to my husband … I thought my breasts looked very beautiful. I was like, this could have been more horrific. I sent it to my husband, I’m so proud, ‘Are you happy?’ His response was, ‘The question should be, ‘Are you happy?’ I died.”

She furthered:

“I was just hoping you would be like, ‘Hey, baby, wow, you look frickin’ incredible, I can’t wait to bang that.’”

This was a complete shock to Eric, who exclaimed:

“What?! You’ve never asked me to talk to you like that.”

Hah! A woman shouldn’t need to ask, Eric! Innerestingly, it was Roselyn’s doctor who helped her calm down after the Frankenstein diss. The star shared:

“He sat down and was like, ‘Ros, you didn’t do this for your husband or your friends or the world. You did this for you. So at this moment, you have to ask yourself, are you happy?’ And you know what, he was right. I’m shocked, they feel tight, my nipples are too dark but the reality is I’m happy.”

So good to hear! Eric then shared his perspective on Roselyn’s decision to undergo plastic surgery. While it wasn’t something he thought his partner, with whom he shares kids Sebella, 11, and Dylan, 5, needed to do — and he even tried to talk her out of it at one point — he supported the surgery because it was what his wife really wanted. He reflected:

“Every single friend of ours … everyone said, ‘It’s not about you, Eric.’ It’s something you wanted to do.”

Thankfully, the breast lift “was a success” and Sánchez is “feeling better every single day.” Love to hear it! Thank goodness she’s able to look back and laugh at Eric’s response now, too. Hear the couple discuss the procedure more (below)!

Reactions?! What would you do if your parter responded like this?! Sound OFF (below)!

[Image via WENN/Avalon & Roselyn Sanchez/Instagram]

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