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Royal Family Doesn't 'Believe' Prince Harry 'Deserves' An Apology Amid Feud

Royal Family Doesn’t ‘Believe’ Prince Harry ‘Deserves’ an Apology Amid Rift, Expert Says

Prince Harry‘s trip to the UK didn’t help him mend things with his family… at all.

On Tuesday, royal historian Gareth Russell insisted the Duke of Sussex is still at a standstill with the royals after the coronation, and it’s all thanks to the apology he’s so desperate to receive but is likely never going to get. The expert told Us Weekly:

“Prince Harry feels very strongly he deserves an unequivocal apology. I don’t think the royal family … believe he deserves one.”

Ever since releasing his memoir, Spare, the 38-year-old has been open about wanting an apology from his family for the way they treated him and Meghan Markle before their 2020 departure as senior working royals, including alleged racist behavior. Noting this, Russell went on to say Harry has been “fairly open that he believes he is owed an apology, a profound and unequivocal apology.” But after airing all their dirty laundry, he hasn’t done himself any favors.

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Besides, The Ship of Dreams author pointed out that Harry has made it very clear who he blames for the divide in the family. In the explosive memoir, there are “not many times” — if any! — that the Archewell founder “says that he did something that pushed an argument forward.” Because of his inability to take ownership, his relatives won’t either, the insider explained:

“He doesn’t seem to think that he really did anything wrong when it comes to dealing with his family.”

Russell added:

“Royal family don’t think it’s quite a 100 to zero percent [balance] of the blame [and they] don’t believe he merits an unequivocal apology.”

So, basically, they are all way too stubborn to actually make amends under these circumstances! Yeesh! They’re gonna be stuck in this standstill forever at this rate!

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As for Harry’s decision to head to London for King Charles III‘s coronation, Russell believes the reunion acted as more of a “pause of intentions rather than a resolution.” While there have been reports that the father and son had a moment to catch up the night before the crowning, it is believed Harry never spoke with his brother, Prince William. There wasn’t much opportunity for the siblings to chat either. The Invictus Games founder was only in the country for about 24 hours and he flew right back to California after the event was finished to make it home for Prince Archie‘s birthday. On his quick visit, the insider mused:

“Coming through such a short window of time implies that he wanted to be there to honor and support his father. Leaving again so quickly suggests that maybe relations with the rest of the family and his stepmother, [Queen Camilla], and his eldest brother are not yet restored.”

While it’s good to see Harry can be there to support his father even amid these trying times, it’s clear this feud isn’t fading anytime soon. Someone’s eventually going to have to cave on this apology if they truly want to move forward as a family… Thoughts? Let us know what you think will happen (below).

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