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Ryan Dorsey Pays Tribute To Naya Rivera A Year After She Was Laid To Rest

Ryan Dorsey Remembers Naya Rivera A Year After She Was Laid To Rest In Emotional Post

Ryan Dorsey continues to honor Naya Rivera

It is still hard to believe that it has been over a year since the actress tragically passed away after she went missing for several days while swimming with her son Josey at a lake outside of El Lay. And on Saturday, Dorsey penned a heartbreaking tribute to his late ex-wife on Instagram while sharing an update on their 5-year-old child one year after the Glee star’s funeral. He wrote alongside a black-and-white collage of Naya and Josey:

“Today…A year ago we laid you to rest. I still can’t believe it. The year has flown by, so fast that it doesn’t seem like it’s been a year at all.”

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The Big Sky star then took a second to praise the little one’s strength and growth in the last year, gushing:

“Our boy has grown so much. He’s such an explorer, so inquisitive. He’s sweet, so funny, and his laugh always lights up the room. He’s an intuitive soul to say the least. To know him is to love him, everyone that meets him is always smiling.”

Furthermore, he also explained how Josey has been doing following the singer’s death:

“He’s doing ok. He’s such a resilient strong kid. He misses you but knows he’ll see you again, and the invisible string is something that’s helped us out during this ever-evolving transition of your time with us on earth that was unfairly & for reasons we’ll never understand cut short…too soon…”

The 38-year-old actor noted how the month of July will always be a “strange and difficult month in the years that are hopefully plentiful in the future.” Even more so, Dorsey said that it is still difficult to see photos or read or watch anything involving Naya:

“As the years go by, strength will be on my side as I will share the memories with what is the brightest star of your legacy left on this earth, our beautiful son, Josey. The thumbs up…only [seemed] right. I remember the first time he did it back to you. At jujitsu, you gave him a thumbs up and he returned the gesture…it was so sweet. Maybe it’s silly and doesn’t make sense to be doing this on IG and putting this out there, but so is this whole thing. So there’s that…”

The West Virginia native reiterated that Josey will always be taken care of and surrounded by loved ones no matter what, sharing:

“Fly high, Rest In Peace, knowing he’s doing ok… He’s being raised right, and he’s got a lot of family and people around him that love him, and you.”

Before concluding the post, Dorsey also sent a heartfelt message to anyone who has experienced a similar loss, writing:

“You know there’s not really any words that make it better…we know some days are better than others…but know our hearts and energy are with you. We keep going because that’s all we can do while being as strong as we can be.”

Sending all the love to Ryan and Josey during this painful time. You can take a look at the entire emotional note (below):

[Image via Adriana M. Barraza/WENN, Ryan Dorsey/Instagram]

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