Scandal Finale Finally Gives Kerry Washington A Happy Ending! But Which Man Did Olivia Choose??

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The fourth season of Scandal has been full of violence.

There were character deaths, fake deaths — they even killed Lena Dunham!

Who expected such a happy ending from Thursday’s finale?? LOLz!

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But in the end, Olivia Pope handled that scandal like never before! And even ended up handling the right man!


Of course, first she had to take down Papa Pope!

Jake testified to David about the shadow organization B613.

But then Liv’s father Rowan — the head of B613 — extorted Mellie to find out who the grand jurors were — and had an operative (who turned out to be Huck! Wha?!) kill them! AND he destroyed all the evidence!

Man, Jake survived being stabbed for nothing!

But this is Kerry Washington — er, Olivia Pope — we’re talking about, so she figured out another way!

She used the money Huck had previously stolen from B613 to frame her father for embezzling from his fake job at the Smithsonian! Now he’s finally going to jail — but as his cover identity!

And in a move that would make Freud snap his fingers and go “toldja,” Liv followed up taking down her father by finally getting her man.

[ Photo: Kerry Washington Vamps Up The Red Carpet In A Little Black See-Through Dress ]

She brought Jake home only to have him stop and say he knew who she was REALLY in love with — and then leave!

Man, Jake survived being stabbed for NOTHING!

Meanwhile, thanks to newcomer Portia de Rossi, Fitz found out about his First Lady’s dirty dealings giving the grand jury names to a murderer, and it totally drove another wedge between them!

So when Olivia showed up to reveal her feelings, he was ready for her!

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That’s right, Gladiators! Olivia and Fitz!

Do YOU think she picked the right man??

Also, now taking bets on what will tear them apart next season! Ha!

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May 15, 2015 10:09am PST

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