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Scheana Shay Addresses Whether Or Not Tom Sandoval Has Been 'Forgiven' Amid New Video Backlash

Scheana Shay Hits Back At Claim She’s ‘Forgiven’ Tom Sandoval For Cheating On Her Bestie Ariana Madix!

Has Scheana Shay buried the hatchet with Tom Sandoval??? She is setting the record straight!

Bravo fans have most likely seen by now that many of the Vanderpump Rules cast members are currently filming a trip to Lake Tahoe. While Ariana Madix and Katie Maloney stayed behind in El Lay, one person shockingly joined the group for the getaway: Sandoval. But his attendance for the trip has fans wondering whether the cast has moved on from the 41-year-old’s actions – specifically Scheana.

After posting a video of the crew making their way to Lisa Vanderpump’s new restaurant, Wolf, fan account @QueensofBravo recognized a certain voice in the background and wrote:

“Is that Sandoval’s voice??? All is forgiven, I guess.”

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Considering Scheana was one of Sandoval’s biggest critics last season after his affair with Raquel Leviss was exposed, it is hard to imagine they mended the fences. Just last week, she was even seen yelling at him outside of SUR. There’s no way these two made amends, right? Well, other social media users aren’t convinced! In fact, they seemed upset by the Scheana’s seemingly friendly interactions with Sandoval in Lake Tahoe:

“this gonna piss me off if they’re all gonna be kumbaya after that whole reunion.”

“And if all is forgiven, I won’t be watching Vanderpump Rules.”

“At least Katie & Ariana stayed away! Scheana is so fake.”

“I thought none of then were EVER going to film with him again.. Welp”

“Well who is surprised? Nobody”

But don’t be fooled! Just because the cast members went on a trip with Sandoval, that does NOT mean they’re cool with Sandy! The 38-year-old responded to @QueensofBravo’s tweet on Wednesday, writing:

“Who said all is forgiven?? We are all here for Lisa.”

She then fired back at someone who claimed “all is forgiven or else you wouldn’t be there,” tweeting:

“Soooo I shouldn’t be here doing my job!?”

Fair enough!

However, people aren’t buying Scheana’s repeated insistence on social media that she hasn’t rekindled her friendship with Sandoval! While at Harrah’s for the new restaurant, Scheana, Sandoval, Lala Kent, James Kennedy, Tom Schwartz, Ally Lewber, and Brock Davies posed together for a picture with a fan. The Scheananigans podcast host coincidentally stood right next to Sandoval in the photo, appearing all smiles with her arms wrapped around him. See (below):

Whelp, fans weren’t too happy about the image! And she had to hop on social media again to defend herself and make it clear she’s not on good terms with Sandoval:

“I’m posing in a photo for a fan. I take photos w strangers on the daily and have my arm bent up behind ppl. End of story. Should I look miserable in a group fan photo I got thrown in walking to our car?”

Lala came to her friend’s defense too! In a video posted on Scheana’s Instagram Stories, the 32-year-old said she found it mind-boggling how no one understood the cast had to be together since they’re filming a reality show:

“People are so stupid. It like still blows my mind that people don’t realize we’re still filming a show. And it was that girl’s birthday! What are we gonna be like, ‘No. Absolutely not.’ Like, no, ‘Happy birthday, let’s take a f**king picture.’ It’s called adulting.”

Still not convinced? Well, an insider for Page Six provided more clarity about where everyone stands with Sandoval, revealing that the cast simply called a truce during the trip to support Lisa’s new establishment:

“Just because the cast is in the same vicinity doesn’t mean that they are getting along. They are there to support Lisa’s new restaurant and are honoring her request that temperatures be lowered at the moment.”

Lisa also seems to be doing whatever she can to bring the group together again! The insider claimed the 62-year-old television personality has made “attempts” at bringing “Sandoval back into the mix.” However, her efforts ultimately “have proven unsuccessful due in large part to Tom’s continued lack of accountability for his behavior.” In fact, the group basically “wants nothing to do with him” anymore but has to be around him for the sake of the show:

“The cast wants nothing to do with him, but as Lisa continues to invite him to various filmed functions, they are learning to coexist with Tom, who is very much an outcast to the larger group. It’s going to be a long summer.”

It appears so – especially if the VPR cast has to continue defending themselves for pretty much sharing the same air as Sandoval during the show. Thoughts on the situation, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments below!

[Image via Scheana Shay/Instagram, Bravo/YouTube]

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