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Shifty Shellshock Is The THIRD Member Of Crazy Town To Die

Shifty Shellshock Is The THIRD Member Of Crazy Town To Die

Shifty Shellshock’s sudden death sadly wasn’t the first time tragedy struck Crazy Town.

It continues to be difficult to accept the death of the rock group’s frontman. As we reported, the 49-year-old — born Seth Binzer — was discovered in his LA home, reportedly with drug paraphernalia surrounding him. His passing is being investigated as a possible overdose. And sadly, he’s not even the first of the group to go out early…

Just one year after Crazy Town went on an indefinite hiatus in 2003, guitarist Rusty Epique, born Charles Lopez, was the first band member to pass away. According to Rolling Stone, he died at just 36 years old in his Las Vegas home in 2004, apparently due to an aortic rupture. According to the British Heart Foundation, that happens when “all the layers of the aorta wall tear, causing blood to leak out from the aorta often due to a large aortic aneurysm that bursts.”

So tragic. And SO young. The outlet reported he also struggled with drug addiction for years…

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Tragedy struck the band again in 2009 when DJ AM, born Adam Goldstein, tragically passed as the result of a drug overdose. He was reportedly found in his New York home next to a crack pipe. He, like Rusty, was only 36 at the time of his death.

So sad.

If the name DJ AM rings a bell, it’s because he was a well-known producer who worked with stars like Travis Barker and Blink-182. In fact, he was actually on the fatal flight that went down with Travis in 2008 that killed six people and left him and the drummer with severe burns. It’s believed painkillers prescribed after the crash are what led to a relapse for DJ AM and his eventual death.

Just awful. So sad to learn the troubled history of the band… And now Shifty… #RIP

[Images via Shifty Shellshock/Instagram & Crazy Town/YouTube]

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