Britney Under Fire From London Borough For Criminal Video Shoot!



London borough Stoke Newington’s local government is reportedly none too pleased with Miz Britney Spears for filming the music video for her new single, Criminal, in the area, which included scenes of her character robbing a store and carrying a gun!

London is considerably stricter than the USA regarding gun control, and in light of the recent riots that devastated the city earlier in the year, local officials are demanding an apology!

According to Councillor Ian Rathbone:

“I think she should apologize and make a sizeable donation to a Hackney charity that deals with young people…for the rudeness and damage she’s done to this community.”

And according to a statement from the Council:

“In this case we did not agree that a replica gun could be used at Stoke Newington Town Hall and we are disappointed. We will be raising this matter with the production company.”

Yeesh! We can understand why this would be a sensitive subject, but still!

We’re sure it was just an honest misunderstanding!

Brit Brit loves London, she certainly didn’t mean any disrespect!

Here’s hoping that everyone can calm down a bit! They must have realized what they were getting into with the song title Criminal, for goodness sake!

What do U think?? Is Brit Brit at fault??

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Sep 26, 2011 2:50pm PST

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