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OMG Is This Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce's Song?? You'd Never Guess!

Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce Get ‘Handsy’ At SNL Afterparty! LOOK!

In a new profile for WSJ Magazine out Monday, Travis Kelce finally told the real story of his relationship with Taylor Swift. It’s a really great interview, and we highly recommend it, especially the stuff about how his fangirl moment led to a real relationship with his celeb crush. Fun stuff!

But the most magical detail actually came from a friend giving the mag a quote. The unnamed pal told the mag the couple were the real deal, explaining they were “two peas in a pod” — despite seeming to be from two different worlds. Their evidence?

They were hanging with Travis and Taylor one night, and a song was playing — they BOTH spontaneously started belting it out like it was a showtune at a sleepover! The song? Teenage Dirtbag by Wheatus! The anthem about being a loser (with a music video featuring the cast of the movie Loser) is oddly appropriate to the couple’s love story when it gets to its big romantic climax. The friend says the couple sang out together:

“This must be fake / My lips start to shake / How does she know who I am?”

OMG! It’s so them! So funny to think about Travis considering himself a dirtbag, but compared to Taylor, who was on a pedestal? It kind of makes sense! We don’t know if anyone would describe Matty Healy as “a d**k” who would “bring a [censored] to school” but the vibe is kinda there, right? The regular guy who had no idea his crush was so similar to him?

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It immediately got us wondering… is it just that they both know and love the song? Or is this actually their song! Like *their song* their song?! Wouldn’t that be so funny? If Taylor, the purveyor of so many soundtracks to first dances at weddings, ended up with Teenage Dirtbag as her own love song??


What did Travis have to say about the singing? When confronted with the anecdote he told WSJ he didn’t even remember it! He quipped:

“There was some wine involved, for sure.”

Aw! He’s being coy, right? Maybe he was embarrassed about the singing? Or maybe he doesn’t remember this incident because spontaneous duets between the two happen so often? Hmm. If so that kind of kills our “their special song” theory, but whatevs! Still love this for them as a couple!

If you’re wondering, we couldn’t find any instance of Taylor ever performing the song live, but we *did* find this live mashup with I Knew You Were Trouble performed by a talented teen at the UK’s TeenStar competition back in 2013!

We wonder if Taylor has seen this… So cute, right??

What do YOU think of Wheatus as Travis and Taylor’s love song??

[Image via MEGA/WENN.]

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