Amber Portwood Storms The Teen Mom OG Reunion Stage & Tries To Punch Farrah Abraham — Watch!

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Now that’s a reunion!

It’s safe to say that things on Teen Mom OG can get a little out of control, so we’re not surprised at all when a fight almost broke out during the show’s reunion special on Monday!

While there was PLENTY of drama during the OG reunion, the moment that REALLY took the cake was that fight between Amber Portwood and Farrah Abraham that we heard so much about!

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Of course we knew there was a scuffle between the ladies, and tensions have only heated up since then!

The vicious comments that lead to the brawl started when Dr. Drew was interviewing Farrah and Simon Saran — because of course that’s who started it.

After some bickering, Simon and his ex talked trash about Amber’s fianc├â┬⌐, Matt Baier, as they laughed about calling him a pedophile. Simon even tried to play it off saying he “meant no disrespect” and “it was all in good fun”.

Drew then called the narrow-minded reality star out asking if he was a “troll”, to which Abraham came to her former flame’s defense adding that “Matt probably looks like [a pedophile]”. Mr. Saran even had the balls to tell the doctor that he needed a sense of humor since the 58-year-old didn’t find the insult funny.

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Just like Miz Abraham stood up for her man, Portwood wasn’t going to let it happen either as she stormed out from backstage after hearing Simon and Farrah blast her man!

As producers rushed in to restrain Miz Portwood, the two girls kept going at it and Amber actually took a swing at the 25-year-old. Don’t worry, she missed.

Then sh*t got even MORE real.

Farrah’s parents came out on stage along with Matt, who pushed Farrah’s dad to the floor! Security came flooding in as Farrah was heard screaming that Amber and Matt were criminals. LOLz!

After the commotion calmed down, Amber and her main squeeze were both escorted off set as Drew commended Abraham for staying calm during such a heated moment. Yeah, that’s what you call it when you’re all bark and no bite…

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The controversial reality star then wrapped her segment as Dr. Drew brought the rest of the ladies out on stage. The big problem was, Maci Bookout has a pretty big problem with Farrah and wanted to confront her!

Maci revealed that she rescheduled her filming because Miz Abraham had a “b*tch fit” about waking up early. Bookout felt it’s extremely unfair that all the other ladies work hard for the MTV show, and Farrah gets to do whatever she wants. Miz Bookout hit her boiling point and decided that if Farrah could do whatever she wanted, she would too and ripped her mic off and bounced!

What’s even better is the rest of the Teen Mom ladies followed suit and that was the end of the reunion! HA!

Ch-ch-check out a couple clips from the show (below) and let us know what you thought of all the crazy drama last night!

Don’t forget to catch Teen Mom 2 when it returns to MTV on Monday, January 2 at 9 p.m. EST!

Dec 6, 2016 8:49am PDT