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Teresa Giudice's Hairstylist Talks Her VIRAL 'Over The Top' $10K Wedding Locks: 'Over 1,500 Bobby Pins'!

Teresa Giudice's Hairstylist Talks Her VIRAL 'Over The Top' $10K Wedding Locks: 'Over 1,500 Bobbypins'!

No wonder Teresa Giudice is charging her wedding no-shows for the money they cost her!

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star got married in a glamorous wedding ceremony to her husband Luis Ruela on Saturday at Park Château Estate & Gardens in NJ. The reality star looked stunning in her gowns by Mark Zunino — but one of the most noteworthy parts of her look wasn’t even one of her two ballgowns for the evening!

Her hair (complete with a dazzling tiara) totally stole the show — stirring up both good and negative reactions online! But either way, it’s a good thing people are talking about it because it cost a pretty penny!!

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Appearing on Monday’s episode of Radio Andy with Andy Cohen, Teresa’s longtime hairstylist Lucia Casazza hopped on to discuss how the pair came up with the larger-than-life hair! She dished:

“My girl Teresa is the queen of Jersey. So we needed hair that was fit for a queen. You know what we stand for. Jersey, you go big or you go home.”

This sparked Andy to wonder if Teresa asked for “the biggest hair ever,” to which her hairstylist explained:

“Teresa said, ‘my hair has to be over the top.’ She always is about the hair. She’s always wanting to change her hair. So we collaborated together to create the look. Luis loves her hair out of her face, so I was like we gotta make the groom happy on the big day.”

Ahead of the wedding, the duo would send each other various videos for inspiration, a lot being “Italian weddings, Mediterranean weddings, very over the top.” They then went to Bridal Styles Boutique in New York to try on all the hair pieces and crowns until they found the perfect tiara. Lucia explained:

“When they put this one on her head, it brought tears to my eyes. I was like, ‘This is it. This is the crown.’”

Aw! The conversation then turned to the hair — the price of which will SHOCK you!

Lucia explained that she made a “custom built head of extensions” for Teresa. While she naturally has long hair, she needed extra extensions to maintain the length of her hair after curling it, too. It ended up including a LOT of material, she shared:

“She had seven bundles [of hair] and then she had the one pack of clips. She had the three pieces of mesh brought together — conjoined and stitched — to create the insert for the masked volume.”

All of that was squeezed and pinned together with “over 1,500 bobby pins.” Damn!!! That must have been so heavy!!

Seeing as sooo much went into creating the viral hairstyle, it wasn’t an easy thing to take off when it was time to shift the wedding festivities to the bedroom. Teresa had to sit for “nearly two hours” to remove all the pins before hitting the hay with her new hubby! And this happened “from like two to four in the morning,” Andy correctly guessed, while her makeup artist, Priscilla, took off the hair piece by piece. Wow!

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All of this — not including all of the stylists’ fees — resulted in a HEFTY bill. Lucia revealed:

“The hair in her head, she had over $7,000 worth of custom luxury hair extensions in the head. Yes, that was the cost of the hair. And then she also had — the styling of that kind of elaboration it would run about $2,500.”

Altogether that’s $10,000 for just the hair alone! Not to mention the price of the venue (plus food for over 200 guests), two dresses, jewelry, flowers, the performers, and so much more! Oof. Our wallets hurt just thinking about it!!

Unfortunately, not everyone’s loving the hair as much as the Bravolebrity is (though her opinion is really all that matters). Some fans have roasted the hairstyle, noting it looks like a Toddlers & Tiaras ‘do — which is just NOT what you want to hear on your wedding day. Take a look at some reactions (below):

“I sincerely hope Bravo hid a GoPro in Teresa Giudice’s hair to film the wedding”

“Whoever did @Teresa_Giudice hair for her wedding needs to enter the witness protection program bc that was a fucking crime. WHAT WAS THAT??”

“Who let my girl Teresa Giudice do her hair like that for her wedding?! Friends don’t let friends look like that on their wedding day!”

“Teresa needs a refund from her hair stylist. That hairdo was a hair don’t and way over the top.”

“UNPOPULAR OPINION: I liked Teresa’s hair it was almost Victorian, larger than life, and she is def the MAIN CHARACTER of that wedding as she is in every other aspect”


See what else Lucia had to say about the statement piece (below), including commentary from Real Housewives star Dorinda Medley!

Reactions, Perezcious readers? Did you like the big hairstyle??

[Image via Jill Zarin/Teresa Giudice/Instagram]

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