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New York Woman's Thirsty Tweet Asking Celebs To Date Her Worked! She Just Married A Reply Guy!

New York Woman's Thirsty Post Asking Celebs To Date Her Worked! She Got Married To A Reply Guy!

A travel nurse who posted a frustrated early-pandemic selfie to Twitter begging for some celebrity to date her got what she was looking for — and more!

Waaaaay back in May of 2020, nurse Jill Sennett was, as she described, “bored, frustrated with my nonexistent love life, and a bit tipsy.” So, she took to the social media platform one night with a selfie. Along with the pic, she asked if any celebs wanted to be her new boyfriend.

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The Buffalo, New York native tagged the Irish musician Hozier in her tweet, as she had been listening to him “nonstop during quarantine.” The whole message was simple and to the point:

“Do any celebrities wanna date me? I’m single. @Hozier”

And while she never thought it would work, it actually did!!

It wasn’t Hozier who picked up what she was putting down during quarantine, but another Twitter user. This dude saw her tweet, replied to it, and took his shot at love with the redheaded nurse. The man who made fate happen was Casey Serrano, and his reply at the time was HIGHlarious:

“I may not be Hozier, but I was the bass player for the Chipettes band in Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel. And I would treat you as good, if not better, than Hozier. So. Up to you. My DMs are open.”

The best part is that he really was the bass player for the Chipettes in the Alvin and the Chipmunks sequel flick! So, not quite a superstar or anything. But a pro musician nonetheless!!

Sennett recalled the tale in a new piece for Insider that was published on Monday. In it, she revealed that she got MARRIED to Serrano last month after the two hit it off! They tied the knot exactly three years to the day after he first reached out to her on the social media site!!!


Writing an essay for that outlet, Jill recalled how things first started online after the Squeakquel reply got her attention:

“I bantered back and forth with Casey in the comments and gave him a follow. Casey’s mom even got involved, playing wingman for her son. Still, I wasn’t sure I wanted to DM him until a friend told me she would if I didn’t message him. I needed that competitive nudge. Finally, I messaged Casey. I mentioned his wit and his cool mom. ‘If Twitter were real life, I’d date you,’ I wrote.”

The two kept direct messaging each other. Then, after a few days, they had a virtual date. Casey was in Denver at the time, and Jill was up in upstate New York. So a few thousand miles separated them, but they were trying to make things happen.

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Days after the first virtual date, they held a second one. Then, the swooning bass player started looking up plane tickets to fly to the east coast. As Jill recalled, things happened in a flash from there:

“We met in person on June 10, only a few weeks after my Tweet. It was awkward at first — there were already feelings and a lot on the line. But we quickly fell in love. Unfortunately, we still lived across the country from each other. That summer, I visited Casey twice. By the second visit, I knew I couldn’t be away from him.”

With love now on the line, Jill decided she needed to be closer to the man she was falling for. So, she soon quit her nursing gig in upstate New York and took on a travel position out in the Mile High City:

“I quit my job and took a travel-nursing position in Denver. He was worried that this was a huge leap. But when you know, you know. Casey flew out to Philly that Labor Day weekend, and we road-tripped together to our new home. Luckily, we loved each other as much in person as we did on Twitter.”

Fast forward a few years now, and their connection has only grown stronger!

Jill — who is now Jill Serrano — revealed in the Insider post that Casey asked for her hand in marriage last March, and the two got hitched exactly three years to the day after she first sent that tweet out into the world:

“In March 2022, Casey asked me to marry him in my hometown of Buffalo, New York — which I’m slightly obsessed with. We married in Spain on May 20, 2023, exactly three years after I’d posted that Tweet.”


Days after their unlikely, Twitter-inspired wedding, Jill returned to the social media app to offer up a look back at how far the happy couple has come:

That’s so heartwarming! The power of technology and all that. And the belief in true love!

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Speaking to about the couple’s unlikely love story, Jill explained how the wedding occurring on the three-year anniversary of their first meeting was simply perfect:

“The wedding was really a full circle moment and we decided this date as it was the day our lives collided and changed forever. Our relationship is better than what you see on TV. I am astounded by how well he completes me. I think it shows that true love is real and we are so in love. Our honeymoon stage started on May 20 2020 and it has never stopped.”

That outlet also spoke to Casey. About their connection, he added:

“I think the reason me and Jill work so well is that whilst we do have similar core values and our speeds and energy are the same, both of our histories are similar. I have been divorced twice and it made me feel very unlovable. Jill kind of had an opposite background where she had only had one serious relationship but she has been told that she is too much or too loud in the past which has made her feel unlovable. Both of our broken parts matched up and we have this unnatural compatibility with each other.”

Good for them!!

So happy this crazy and unlikely story is working out in an incredible way!

Reactions, Perezcious readers?!

[Image via Jill Serrano/Twitter/Twitter]

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