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OMFG! 2 Women Charged With Murdering 'Sugar Daddy' & CUTTING OFF HIS THUMB To Access His Money!

OMFG! Two Women Charged With Murdering ‘Sugar Daddy’ And Cutting Off His Thumb To Access His Money!

A Washington DC man tragically lost his thumb AND his life earlier this year… And two young women are the primary suspects.

In April, the remains of 53-year-old Fasil Teklemariam were found in his Manor Park apartment with “several” gory gashes all over his body, according to an arrest affidavit. He’d been stabbed in the stomach, cut on his legs, right hand, sustained fractures on his head… And oddly his right thumb was completely severed.

Fasil Teklemariam photo from DC police
Fasil Teklemariam. / (c) Metropolitan Police Department

Cops believe Teklemariam was already dead for between two and five days before they found him, and his official cause of death was ruled as “multiple blunt force” and “sharp force injuries,” according to the affidavit. But why? Well, security footage and a witness have done a lot to help answer that very question.

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In the days surrounding Fasil’s murder, Audrey Denise Miller, 19 (above, left), and Tiffany Taylor Gray, 22 (above, right), were both seen coming in and out of the building in which the victim lived. And according to a witness, the latter was apparently a sex worker involved in a “sugar daddy”-type relationship with Fasil. And guess what? That severed thumb that was missing from the crime scene? The witness told investigators the duo used it to access Fasil’s mobile banking apps to spend his money — on weed and alcohol!

Holy s**t!

Upon reviewing more security footage, police discovered Audrey and Tiffany entering the building with two unidentified male accomplices across several days, once with cleaning supplies which are believed to have been used in the apartment. In charging docs, law enforcement even claimed “several” items were missing from Fasil’s home upon investigation:

“The suspects stole several items from resident. A search of [Teklemariam’s] residence showed that several electronic devices and household items were stolen.”


Both Audrey and Tiffany have since been arrested by DC’s Metropolitan Police Department and charged with first-degree murder and armed felony murder, according to NBC Washington. Innerestingly, cops were led to Tiffany after uncovering an October 2023 police complaint made by Fasil, accusing the 22-year-old of stealing his phone and charging $1,800 on his banking app. The phone was found near a cellphone tower in College Park, Maryland, where Tiffany was living at the time in an apartment… Which had Fasil listed as the guarantor, according to the affidavit!

So yeah, sounds like “sugar daddy” was right on the money… So to speak.

Investigators have also revealed another instance of such crime under Tiffany’s belt, citing a May incident in which she allegedly showed up at a man’s apartment with two other armed individuals. The trio allegedly zip tied the man before robbing his home. More details (below):

Wow… CRAZY stuff.

[Images via Metropolitan Police Department]

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