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TikTok Star Caleb Coffee In ICU After Falling From ‘60 To 80-Foot’ Cliff In Hawaii

TikTok Star Caleb Coffee In ICU After Falling From ‘60 To 80-Foot’ Cliff In Hawaii

A young TikTok star has “a long road to recovery” ahead of him after falling off a 60 to 80-foot cliff in Hawaii.

Caleb Coffee, who boasts 11 million followers on the video sharing app, is in the ICU after a hike went horribly wrong on Wednesday. According to a GoFundMe set up by his sister Peyton, the 18-year-old was with “three of his friends” when the unthinkable happened:

“He slipped and fell off a 60-80ft cliff onto lava rock and caleb got airlifted to the emergency room.”

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To give you some perspective, that’s roughly around the height of an EIGHT-story building! It’s seriously a miracle he’s alive! But the young star’s injuries are severe, and there may be more to come as doctors continue to examine him. Petyon added:

“We don’t know the full extent of his injuries yet. His current injuries include Spinal fracture, [broken] femur, elbow, wrist and multiple gouges and burns throughout his entire body. He also hasn’t been able to hold down food. The medics have informed us more injuries will most likely pop up over the next few weeks…”


Caleb’s father Jason took to Instagram on Thursday to share his own update, informing fans in a Story post that his son is stable, “talking and in good spirits.” He also provided a bit more information on the complexity of the influencer’s injuries:

“He has a small break in his neck (he has full motion in his toes and fingers). He has a broken femur (surgery placed a rod through it), 2 plates & 10 screws in his right elbow, a fractured left wrist, stitches in his forehead and lip. He just had another MRI to take a closer look at his neck.”

How terrifying. What a nightmare for not only Caleb, but his family as well.

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Jason also took a moment to thank fans for their “love and support.”

“I want to thank everyone for all your love and support. It truly feels like family. We love you all. Please continue praying. It looks like it’s going to be a long road to recovery but Caleb is strong and we know he’s going to get through this! It truly is a Miracle he is alive.”

We know we’ll be praying and sending healing energy! However, as a silver lining to an otherwise horrible situation, Caleb mustered up the strength to share a relieving message he got from doctors late on Thursday evening:

“Hey everyone, I just wanted to give a massive thank you to anyone that’s trying to help me or support me right now. And I want to let you guys know a little update: I just found out that my neck and spine [are] not broken.”

It must be hard for him to see the positives right now, but that’s a major thing to celebrate. He then took a moment to thank God, as he explained he suffered “severe seizures” and “almost died” as a child, and has now been protected once more. He became emotional reflecting on the sheer height he fell:

“I just woke up and I thought I was going to die. And then I didn’t die.”


#stitch with @HeyitsCarlyRae its a Miracle that im alive today. Praise God, thank you for this 3rd chance at life! And also Thank you to anyone who is supporting me today. You will never know how much that truly means to me and my family. ❤️ Thank you for all of the prayers, kind words and donations, i am overhwelmed with gratitude.

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According to Caleb’s GoFundMe, which you can visit HERE, he did not have health insurance, and his family “can not afford these medical bills.” As of now, well over $16k has already been raised. He only moved to Hawaii in May of this year.

What a truly terrifying situation for everyone involved. We’re sending all the love in the world to Caleb and his family during this difficult time. Share your support in the comments down below.

[Images via Caleb Coffee/Instagram & TikTok]

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