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OMG! Did This TikToker Really Charge Another Mom Ridiculous Expenses For Her Child’s Playdate?!?

TikToker Says She Charged Another Mom Expenses For Her Child’s Playdate

Is one mom on TikTok really out here charging for playdates??!

Last week, user @Shay.Nanigans87  raised many eyebrows when she claimed she charged another mom $15 to cover the expenses from a playdate their children had recently! Yes, she asked for her to pay for the hangout session! And it’s not because the kids went to a museum, lunch, or a theme park — you know, which might have been something reasonable.

Here’s the sitch. After their daughter’s playdate, Shay sent over a thank you note to the other mother… and a request to Venmo her the money!! She argued that she can’t “keep doing these playdates if it’s so expensive.” As she told the other momma:

“This way we can do this more often without a monetary obligation on just one party. Right? Makes sense.”

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Obviously, it is not fair to make one family cover the cost of every single playdate. That’s why you normally take turns at each other’s houses. However, some of what Shay charged this woman is outrageous. When the mom asked for a list of the “supplies,” Shay asked for $1 for chalk, applesauce, fruit, and yogurt. OK, fine. But it gets shocking from there. The TikToker then demanded $1 for “wear and tear” because the kid “sat on couch.” What?! She also charged $3 for the child making three trips to the bathroom. No, we’re not kidding. Plus, she tacked on $2 for three juice boxes and $5 for breaking an “lol doll.”

Jeez… Check out the TikTok clip (below):


Contraversial but I think it’s a really good idea. What do you think?

♬ original sound – Shay.nanigans87

We get it. Times are tough. Things are expensive. But demanding a dollar for just sitting on the couch? Counting and then charging for how many times the kid went to the bathroom? That is so ridiculous. This has to be a joke, right? Well, more on that in a minute…

Naturally, people were up in arms over the “outrageous” bill that she sent the other mom. They flooded the comments section to call out Shay, saying:

“$1 for sitting on the couch is outrageous”

“I’d send the money, then never talk to you again.”

“You counted her bathroom visits?!?!”

“I can see your daughter will have many many friends in future”


“If you chose to invite her friend than no you don’t ask for expenses that’s insane.”

“I was gonna be on your side. But i was thinking yall went to an amusement park or something!!”

“this is genuinely insane”

“All you had to do was take turns having the kids at your place then next at their place, or make it clear bring your own snacks. I think to ask for money is crazy”

“They way my jaw is on the floor right now She’s treating this as an business transaction”

A few others just refused to believe one word of what came out of Shay’s mouth. They were convinced all of this had to be a joke, writing in the comments:

“This has got to be a parody.”

“This is rage bare I swear”

“this has GOT to be rage bait. you can’t ACTUALLY be like this, right?”

It turns out she’s not actually like that!! Those who doubted Shay’s initial video were right! After the video went viral, she came forward on Thursday to say she was only kidding. It apparently was all meant to be “rage bait.” And she even made a fake Venmo account for the other mom to pull the whole skit off. Shay explained:

“Rage bait is not a joke, a joke is meant to make you laugh. Rage bait is more filed under fake news, so it’s there for engagement and you have to make money off of it or it’s not even worth it, it’s just stupid and you’re just there for the drama.”

Well, she got people good! Damn! And now, she’s laughing all the way to the bank because super enraged social media users from the first video Venmo’d the other mom not realizing it was Shay and just a joke all this time! In the comments, the social media personality said she earned “$500” from the bit. Wow! Watch the video (below):


Replying to @macroray #ragebait who else saw the video of me charging for a play date #playdates

♬ original sound – Shay.nanigans87

Well played, Shay. Well played. Reactions, Perezcious readers? Would you ever charge expenses for a play date? Let us know in the comments below.

[Image via Shay Nanigans/TikTok]

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