Tom Yaps It Up To Oprah


See, you thought it would be Tom Cruise, poisioning the minds of his love one’s with his garbage.

But now we know – Suri Cruise is the one directing her parent’s batch of crazy! They just worship her!

Today, Tom visited The Oprah Winfrey Show (guard your couches!) to talk about his upcoming movies and his little family.

When the conversation drifted Suri’s way, the proud papa gushed at how much she has grown and that even at four, she is making major decisions for the family, like what they all wear! He explained:

“She just likes to dress herself, wear whatever she wants. If she wants to wear it, she wears it…She tells me what to wear.”

Great. Soon she will be telling you what car to drive, what movies to do and how much money you are allowed to have after her allowance.

Wrapped around her little finger you are, Tom!

And BTW – don’t make Suri worry about what you have to wear. She already has her hands full dressing her mother!

[Image via WENN & Fame Pictures.]

May 14, 2010 3:45pm PST

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