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California High School Recalls Yearbooks After Superlatives Section Goes HORRIBLY Wrong

A high school has to reprint yearbooks after some superlatives came out VERY inappropriate!

A southern California high school has been forced to reprint and redistribute its yearbooks after some of the initially-published books contained a series of inappropriate superlatives.

Ventura High School in the beach town of Ventura is coming under fire after seniors discovered they’d won categories for superlatives like “Most Likely To Get Canceled,” and “Most Likely To Get COVID Twice.”


Initially distributed to seniors back on Thursday, the yearbooks were immediately under scrutiny. One senior, Morgan Jensen, was surprised she’d been named “Best Dancer” and “Most Likely To Be A TV Star.” For one, she doesn’t even dance!

Jensen’s mother, Stephanie Tindall, told People about how Morgan found out those were actually fake superlatives — with the inappropriate ones targeted at certain kids’ yearbooks:

“She was like, ‘This is so random, I’m not a dancer.’ So she posted it on her Snapchat and somebody responded and said, ‘Those are stickers, peel it off.’ And so she peeled off the stickers.”

Yep — under those stickers were far more inappropriate superlatives of what she’d actually “won,” including the “Canceled” and “COVID” mentions.

Tindall continued from there, explaining how shocked she was that those superlatives would even be in the yearbooks at all:

“She was shocked. I couldn’t believe it because she’s dealt with some bullying throughout the years… I told Morgan, ‘I’m very grateful you are as strong as you are,’ because this could’ve been something that could’ve caused a kid to end their life. It’s just not right. It’s a deeper level of bullying that happened.”

No kidding.

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Morgan herself added her own reaction to the not-so-funny situation, saying:

“COVID is obviously a real thing, and people have lost family members, so I don’t think that’s something that should be in a yearbook. And the canceled one, I’ve already been bullied for this type of thing… so it wasn’t really funny.”


In a statement sent to People, a spokesperson for the Ventura Unified School District apologized to the students affected by the offensive superlatives, and said the $100 yearbooks would be re-printed ASAP. The statement added that there would be future training for both principals and school staff members who oversee the yearbook and journalism groups from now on.

That’s probably a good idea, but as Tindall points out, that doesn’t really hold water right now for the seniors most affected. The miffed mom said:

“This has been my outrage as a parent — at this point, somebody should’ve thought, ‘Let’s go ahead and reprint this. Let’s not just cover it up with a sticker.’ And there’s been no accountability. The principal tells me there’s going to be more training, there’ll be more student oversight. But who’s accountable for this?”


What a crazy situation!

What do U think of this yearbook madness, Perezcious readers?? Who is accountable for that, and how did some teacher not catch it before it got sent off to the printers in the first place?!

Sound OFF about it with your reactions down in the comments (below)…

[Image via News Channel 3-12/YouTube]

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