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Surprise! Woman Gives Birth Mid-Flight -- And She Didn't Even Know She Was Pregnant!

A woman unexpectedly gave birth on a flight to Hawaii -- she didn't even know she was pregnant!

A woman who didn’t even know she was pregnant suddenly gave birth to a baby boy on a Delta Airlines flight last week!

Lavinia “Lavi” Mounga (pictured above) was flying from Salt Lake City to Honolulu on the air carrier when she unexpectedly started going into labor. Soon thereafter, while still on the flight, she gave birth to a baby boy she named Raymond — and all with the help of a VERY unlikely set of passengers!

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According to a news release from Hawaii Pacific Health that detailed the story after Mounga landed in the island paradise, one of the company’s family medicine physicians named Dr. Dale Glenn happened to be on the very same flight! And not only that, but neo-natal intensive care nurses Lani BamfieldAmanda Beeding, and Mimi Ho (standing, above) were also on that same flight as Mounga!

Basically, if you’re going to have a baby on an airplane, this was absolutely the airplane on which to have the child, with a family medicine doc and three NICU nurses along for the ride! AMAZING! What are the chances?!

Mounga reflected on her luck in a news release from Hawaii Pacific Health, explaining (below):

“I don’t know how a patient gets so lucky as to have three neonatal intensive care nurses onboard the same flight when she is in emergency labor, but that was the situation we were in. The great thing about this was the teamwork. Everybody jumped in together and everyone helped out.”

No kidding! And in a GoFundMe post published by the new mother’s sisters, they also echo the unexpected and incredibly lucky nature of the whole thing, writing (below):

“Our sister did not know she was pregnant so she was just as shocked as the rest of us when our nephew was born!”

We can only imagine!

About halfway through the flight, a “fairly urgent” emergency call came over the loudspeaker asking for medical assistance, and Dr. Glenn jumped into action. When he got to the front of the plane, the three nurses were already there helping Mounga.

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Glenn, who has experience with wilderness medical training, relied on some of that to help the birth — like using shoelaces to tie and cut through the baby’s umbilical cord, using an Apple Watch to track the newborn’s heart rate, and making baby warmers using improvised microwave bottles. Amazing!

Glenn explained more about those difficult three hours waiting to land in Hawaii, sharing (below):

“I was literally counting down the time on my watch, between where we are in the flight to when we can get this child to Kapiolani [Medical Center for Women and Children]. As soon as we got him on board the ambulance, we headed straight for Kapiolani. And once he arrived there, the emergency room took great care of him, moved him up to the NICU, and baby and mom are both doing great.”

Love it! And two days later in the hospital, the doctor and nurses came back for a visit with their most unlikely patient! Ho recalled the emotions of the hospital visit after that fateful flight, saying (below):

“We all just teared up. She called us family and said we’re all his aunties, and it was so great to see them.”

Awww! Love it!! TBH, we’re also still shocked this all came about after Mounga didn’t even know she was pregnant!!

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Here’s more about the incredible, unlikely airborne birth (below):

So great!

If you want to donate to Mounga’s GoFundMe to cover the unexpected costs associated with this surprise birth, click HERE. BTW, in case you’re wondering, according to the Washington Post, the Centers for Disease Control says that whenever a child is born “in a moving conveyance” like an airplane, the official place of birth is listed as the place where they are first removed from it after the birth,

So, it would seem like Raymond is officially from Hawaii, then!

Love it!

And a HUGE Mahalo to those doctors and nurses overseeing his first few hours in this world!

[Image via Fox 11 Los Angeles/YouTube]

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