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Camille Grammer Begs Kelsey Grammer To Stop Talking Shiz!

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Camille Grammer kelsey grammer dick

Leave Camille Grammer ALONE!!!!

It seems Kelsey Grammer's new favorite subject, is how crappy his 13 year marriage to the former Housewife of Beverly Hills star "really" was.

The Boss actor recently bashed his ex-wife on Conan, and then again on Anderson, telling the host not ending their relationship sooner is one of his biggest regrets!

Camille has been deeply hurt by all the negative press, and is begging Kelsey to respect her by stfu! She told our source:

Piers Morgan BANS Kelsey Grammer Because Of His Last Minute Ditch Job

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What do Madonna, Howie Mandel, and Kelsey Grammer all have in common?

They are all BANNED by Piers Morgan from ever appearing on his show again!

It seems like Piers is still super upset that Kelsey bailed on his show at the last minute, and he's not letting go of his grudge anytime soon.

When asked by a papst if he there's anyone else whom shall be banned from Piers Morgan Tonight, Piers replied:

Kelsey Grammer Biggest Regret? Not Telling Camille He Fell In Love With Kayte Walsh Sooner!

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Now THIS is interesting!

Anderson Cooper had Kelsey Grammer on his show and asked the award winning actor if he's had any regrets in his life.

Grammer responded with some amazing insight that had us feeling quite moved!

We'd tell you what he said, but we don't want to ruin it for ya!

So ch-ch-check it out for yourself by clicking PLAY directly (above) !!!

Jimmy Kimmel Kicks Off The Emmys With Side-Splitting Political Barbs!

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Nothing like a swift karate chop to the funny bone to set the tone right!

Five minutes into the 2012 Emmys, it's already pretty clear Jimmy Kimmel will not pull any punches!

Not afraid to admit that most of his Staples Center audience is a little left of center on the political spectrum, Jimmy took early shots at Republicans.

Ch-ch-check out his cracks against presidential candidate Mitt Romney, noted republican actor Kelsey Grammer, and controversial fast food restaurant Chick-fil-A (above)!

It was a HIGHlarious and unusual way to start the show but, don't worry, there was still an obligatory Charlie Sheen crack!

Kelsey Grammer Is A Liar! Camille Grammer Claims They Totally Had Sex This Decade!

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Kelsey Grammer Is A Lair! Camille Grammer

Earlier this week, Kelsey Grammer told Conan he and ex-wife Camille Grammer didn't have sex for "a decade" of their 13 year long marriage.

Mortified, Camille is speaking out about this claim, saying:

“That’s simply not true!”

We are SO grossed out by Kelsey's actions! Not only did he lie about intimate details of his relationship with Camille — he did it on national TV!!

OoOoOh, and that's not all!

When this whole this was brought up the Boss star was talking about his first kiss with his new wife Kayte Walsh — an event which took place while he was STILL married to poor Camille!

What's more, a source close to Camille has revealed that after Kelsey had a heart attack in 2008:

“Doctors told him he couldn’t have any strenuous activity and that includes sex. So of course that would diminish their sexual activity.”

Still, that was just THREE years before they divorced, not ten!

Kelsey, we thought someone who has been in the biz as long as your have been would know better than to say such hurtful things on TV!

We are VERY disappointed!

[Image via WENN.]

Kelsey Grammer And Camille 'Didn't Have Sex For A Decade' During Marriage!

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Kelsey Grammer and Camille Grammer were married for 13 years before divorcing in 2011, but the actor's recent admission on Conan makes us wonder why that didn't happen sooner!

While discussing his current marriage to Kayte Walsh and addressing rumors he read on the internet about their first night together, he revealed they had only "kissed" and continued to do so for "several months."

Conan O'Brien quipped that staying on first base for so long"would be difficult," which prompted the Boss star to add:

"For a guy who hadn't had sex for a decade, it wasn't that hard."

Maybe too much information? Watch the interview for yourself and let us know … AFTER THE JUMP!!!