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Lady GaGa News Archive

LOLz: Panda Makes An Escape

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Panda's aren't known for their speed, maybe that's why this tricky little runaway seems so impressive.

What was she trying to find? Lady Gaga Panda, perhaps???

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Morrissey Approves Of GaGa's Meat Dress

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Morrissey Calls Approves Of Gaga's Meat Dress

He gets it!

Former The Smiths frontman, Morrissey, has waged war on the meat industry throughout his 28-year career, and in recent years has stepped up his campaign to outlaw cooked flesh at his shows, banning burgers and sausages from venues on the Scottish leg of his current U.K. tour.

But he has surprised fans by revealing he supports Gaga's decision to don a meat dress at the awards show. He told one newspaper:

"The meat dress was first done by (British artist) Linder Sterling… in 1982, and she did it as a protest at men seeing female flesh as meat. I don't know whether that came across with Lady Gaga. I think people didn't question it too deeply - they simply saw it as 'today's loony idea'. But I like to assume that Gaga had the same notion. If it's a social and political statement, it's acceptable. If it isn't a social and political statement, I don't really see the point."

The dress was recently donated to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Ohio, where it will be displayed to fans and haters alike (but mainly the fans.)

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Pink, Mariah, and GaGa Are Fur-Free

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Fur-Free and Fabulous

PETA has decided to feature Pink, Mariah Carey, and Lady GaGa in their newest "Fur-Free and Fabulous" campaign.

The trio of hawt pop stars will appear on a billboard being unveiled in Los Angeles today.

And yes, we know what EVERYONE is thinking.

Lady GaGa wore a meat dress! Why did PETA choose her!?

According to the animal rights organization:

"Gaga's out-there outfits never include real fur. Last year, when she wore a dress made of fluffy Kermit the Frog dolls, [she] explained, 'I thought it was commentary on not wearing fur, ’cause I hate fur and don't wear fur.' "

Pink has been in PETA's good graces for quite some time and even voiced a defenseless animal in a recent commercial they released.

Mariah famously donated a pair of full-length Russian sable coats she had received as gifts to PETA, who, in turn, gave them to homeless women at their winter "fur kitchen" event.

We couldn't be happier about this billboard because we think these ladies are all leading icons in pop culture and have the star power to inspire a new generation of fur-free thinkers!

Remember, every fur coat, vest, hat, or fur-trimmed accessory causes animals an immeasurable amount of suffering and ends their life!

Follow in these lovely ladies footsteps (not to mention ours) and be fur-free and fabulous for life!

What do U think of PETA's new billboard?

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PETA Responds To GaGa's VMA Meat Ensemble

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Considering they were already upset about the beef bikini photo shoot, PETA released a statement about Lady Gaga's meat dress she donned at Sunday's MTV Video Music Awards.

PETA chief, Ingrid Newkirk, said:

In her line of business, Lady Gaga has a hard time being “over the top,” and wearing a dress made from cuts of dead cows is offensive enough to bring comment, but someone should whisper in her ear that there are more people upset by butchery than impressed by it—and that means a lot of young people will not be buying her records if she keeps it up. On the other hand, maybe it was fake, and she’ll talk about that later.

Meat is the decomposing flesh of an abused animal who didn’t want to die, and after time spent under the TV lights, it would smell like the rotting flesh that it is and likely be crawling in maggots—not too attractive, really.

If Lady Gaga continues to wear meat, the perfect accessory would be a PETA vegetarian/vegan starter kit. A lot of people will take one look and want one. It’s sending lots of people to PETA.org to download our kit, so I guess we should be glad.


What do U think of the whole situation???

[Image via WENN.]

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PETA Isn't GaGa Over Newest Vogue Hommes Cover Girl

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Yeah, we can see where there would be an issue.

The latest issue of Vogue Hommes Japan features Lady GaGa in pretty raw attire.

PETA President Ingrid Newkirk wasted no time in releasing a statement on how the organization feels about GaGaloo's meat bikini and let's just say, they are less than pleased.

Ingrid responded:

"Lady GaGa's job is to do outlandish things, and this certainly qualifies as outlandish because meat is something you want to avoid putting on or in your body. No matter how beautifully it is presented, flesh from a tortured animal is flesh from a tortured animal. Meat represents bloody violence and suffering, so if that's the look they were going for, they achieved it."

They do have a point, we guess.

What do U think? Did GaGalicious take things too far or is PETA overreacting?

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