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More Trump Conflicts Of Interest! Ivanka Won China Trademarks The Same Day She Dined With The Chinese President!

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Is Ivanka Trump working those political connections for business gain?

On April 6, the Chinese government reportedly gave her brand approval on three trademarks — for jewelry, bags, and spa services.

And on April 6, Ivanka herself dined with Chinese President Xi Jinping and his wife.

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Coincidence? Or is she taking a page from daddy's playbook? After all, Donald Trump has pretty openly made decisions as POTUS that directly benefit his business.

Obviously there's no proof of any business conflicts, but it's one hell of a coincidence. And either way, the fact we have to ask that question is evidence enough that there are conflicts of interest.

Since the trademark/dinner dates were reported on Tuesday morning, Ivanka's lawyer has issued a statement:

"Ivanka has had no involvement with trademark applications submitted by the business. The federal ethics rules do not require you to recuse from any matter concerning a foreign country just because a business that you have an ownership interest in has a trademark application pending there."

It's almost like they already had that defense prepared.

[Image via WENN.]

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Former President George H.W. Bush Hospitalized For Pneumonia Again

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George H.W. Bush, the 41st POTUS, is back in the hospital, once again fighting off pneumonia.

You may have heard the 92-year-old was in the hospital back in January as well. This time he was admitted on Friday because of "a persistent cough that prevented him from getting proper rest."

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Spokesman Jim McGrath explains:

"It was subsequently determined that he had a mild case of pneumonia, which was treated and has been resolved."

Whew! At least thats taken care of. McGrath says Bush will remain in the hospital for now while he "regains his strength."

We wish the ex-prez a healthy recovery!

[Image via FOX.]

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Donald Trump Apparently Doesn't Even Know Who North Korea's Ruler Is

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If you weren't already worried Donald Trump had no clue what he was doing re: North Korea, get ready to start sweating!

In an interview on Tuesday morning's Fox & Friends, the only show he likes anymore, the POTUS totally showed his foreign policy hand. And it was empty. And tiny.

Video: Watch Donald Trump Take A Child's Hat And Throw It Away!

When Ainsley Earnhardt asked about a possible U.S. military strike on the Asian nation, Trump replied:

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Family Tells Dying Man That Donald Trump Was Just Impeached…

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75-year-old Michael Garland Elliott died on April 6, surrounded by his loved ones, happy in the knowledge that President Donald Trump had just been impeached.

Of course, Drumpf hasn't been impeached, but as his ex-wife and best friend Teresa Elliott tells the NY Daily News, it was a lie that would make Michael feel better because "he hated his effing guts."

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Michael, who died of congestive heart failure after years of declining health, was a "news junkie" who loved reading about politics until he wasn't well enough to do so.

So in his final moments, Teresa decided to give him hope for the future of the country. She explains:

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Hillary Clinton's Election Night Phone Calls With Barack Obama Will Make You Cry All Over Again

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If you're anything like us, you woke up the morning after the election in utter disbelief.

So we can only imagine what was going through Hillary Clinton's mind as she had to concede the victory to arch nemesis Donald Trump.

In the new book Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton's Doomed Campaign, political journalists Jonathan Allen and Amie Parnes offer a behind-the-scenes look of the politician's campaign and what went down the night it all came to a head.

When the vote came to favor Drumpf over Hillz, the longtime advocate received two phone calls from her former boss, President Barack Obama, where she ultimately apologized for letting him down.

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In the first conversation, the 44th POTUS told Clinton it was time to "concede" with "dignity."

The authors wrote:

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Alex Jones, Donald Trump's Biggest Conspiracy Source, Tells Court He's Just A 'Performance Artist' — And People Are PISSED!

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If you're not familiar with Alex Jones, here's a quick primer on the radio show host.

His Internet news show, InfoWars, is largely responsible for propagating the conspiracy theories that the U.S. government was responsible for 9/11, that Hillary Clinton ran a child sex ring out of a pizzeria, and that the Sandy Hook shooting was a hoax in which Barack Obama hired child actors to pretend their schoolmates had been murdered.

Yeah. He's that guy.

Photos: Celebs Who Think The Earth Is Flat

Sadly, a few million people listen to his drivel, deciding that the mainstream media is lying, and this crazy-sounding reporting is the sole source of fact in a sea of "fake news." These listeners include — you guessed it — Donald Trump, who has even been a guest on Jones' radio show.

So when you wonder where the POTUS gets his ridiculous ideas about government, voter fraud, wire-tapping, etc, this is the face. Or should we say the mask?

See, Alex is currently in the middle of a bitter custody battle with

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Sean Spicer Takes A Hit At The Obama Administration While Trying To Explain White House Visitors Log Policy

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Sean Spicer sucks!

Seems like they just wanna do the opposite of whatever President Obama did!

Petty much?

As you may know, the Trump administration disclosed on Friday that they would not be releasing the names of most visitors to the White House, in direct contrast to the Obama administration, which voluntarily disclosed those names.

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In fact, the Obama administration released the names of nearly 6 million visitors during Obama's eight years in office, including the names of many lobbyists.

At a meeting with the press Monday, Press Secretary Sean Spicer tried to explain the reasoning behind this lack of transparency, saying:

"We are following the policy that every other administration from the beginning of time has used with respect to visitors' log. We will comply with both the federal records act and the presidential records act as stated by law…It's about following the law. We're following the law as both the presidential records act and the federal records act prescribe it. It's the same policy that every administration had up until the Obama administration."

He added:

"And frankly, the faux attempt that the Obama administration put out when they would scrub who they didn't want put out didn't serve anyone well. The President wants to make sure that people can come in the same way they can go to members of Congress office and provide information and details. There's people who want to be able to come, have that conversation with members of the administration as they would with members of Congress."

Watch him blab about it (below):

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