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Levi Johnston Plans On Taking Down Sarah Palin's Husband… In A Snowmobile Race!

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levi johnston snowmobile race against todd palin

Levi Johnston's relationship with the Palin family has been… complicated, to say the least! But it looks like he's looking to settle the score the best way Alaskans know how!

With a snowmobile race!

Levi apparently plans on signing up for the 36-hour 2,000 mile Iron Dog snowmobile race JUST so he can take down Todd Palin!

The only problem is Sarah Palin's hubby has already won the race an astonishing 4 times while this will be Levi's first time! We're going to go out on a limb here and say his chances of winning aren't very good!

Todd has already been forced to drop out of this year's race due to mechanical problems, so we guess Levi will just have to wait until next year to exact his revenge!

Can't we just all get along??

[Image via WENN.]

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Sarah Palin Is Writing A… Fitness Book??

| Filed under: Sarah PalinBookzFitness


You'd think Sarah Palin would write a book about politics, right?

Wrong. She's writing a fitness book!

We have so many questions floating around in our heads, but mostly we'd just like to know why.

Here's what she said after people thought she's been looking shockingly thin lately:

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Sarah Palin Can't Wait To Eat Fried Butter!

| Filed under: Barack ObamaSarah PalinMichelle ObamaFood

Sarah Palin butter

Earlier we discovered that people at state fairs love frying anything, especially butter. While most have found the heart-stopping fair food repulsive, one brave American isn't afraid to voice her support for heart disease inducing food!

Sarah Palin couldn't be more "excited" to take eat fried butter and take a bite out of President Obama's debt ceiling plan in the process.

In preparation to resume her One Nation bus tour, she emailed her supporters to inform them she'd be making a stop at the Iowa State Fair and wrote:

"I'm excited to try some of that famous fried butter-on-a-stick, fried cheesecake-on-a-stick, fried Twinkies, etc. I'll enjoy [the fried food] in honor of those who'd rather make us just 'eat our peas.'"

The "peas" part is in reference to the President's speech about the debt crisis, in which he said:

"It's not going to get easier. It's going to get harder. So we might as well do it now: Pull off the Band-Aid, eat our peas."

We had no idea the government thought peas were THAT bad! LOL!

In fact, we don't think peas are no where near as dangerous to democracy as brussels sprouts! Ha!

Her remarks also mimic her unfavorable sentiments against Michelle Obama's anti-obesity campaign launched this past year.

We're sure this is another ploy to convince her supporters that she's just one of the "folks", but we really hope that Sarah realizes that people eating fried food regularly is one of the biggest contributions to America's unusually high obesity rate!

Contrary to Mrs. Palin's belief that big government is forcing Americans to eat their vegetables, we want the country to know it's okay to eat peas!

[Image via Ramey Pix.]

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Jon Stewart Makes Fun Of Trump & Palin’s Pizza Choice

| Filed under: Jon StewartPolitikDonald TrumpSarah PalinFoodHIGHlarious

New York is famous for its pizza — but not all pizza joints are created equal!!


Jon Stewart poked fun at the Donald Trump and Sarah Palin’s choice of pizza places during Palin’s visit to NY.

Next time they’ll know better!

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Jamie Oliver Calls Sarah Palin 'A Froot Loop'

| Filed under: Sarah PalinDietsFoodJamie OliverObese

Jamie Oliver criticizes sarah palin

British celebrity chef, Jamie Oliver is sticking up for America's First Lady and the Obama administrations healthy eating initiatives, which have been heavily criticized by Sarah Palin.

During an interview on Saturday at the 2011 South Beach Wine and Food Festival in Miami, Oliver said Palin "is a Froot Loop" on this issue.

The "Naked Chef" warned that the United States is in a "really dark moment" when it comes to children's health and needs to make it a priority.

Absolutely, Jamie! We totally agree and are happy you are continually trying to stress this issue.

He believes improving what children eat at school alone can have a far-reaching, positive effect on their habits and health as adults.

In contrast to Sarah Palin's beliefs, the television chef thinks the Obama administration is on the right track toward leading America's food revolution after passing a bill that expands the government's nutrition requirements on school lunches.

He also believes that our obesity is preventing American's from living the American dream, saying:

"From my view of the health situation we're in at the moment, it really isn't allowing Americans to be Americans."

We find it sad that obesity is now associated with being an American and would love to shed that international stereotype.

Jamie, who tried to transform the diets of a West Virginia town with his 2010 ABC show Jamie's Food Revolution and has been filming a similar show in Los Angeles, believes we still have the power to change our image, saying:

"Americans, when you get them on something, will shift faster than anyone else. I think America's going to react very strongly to what I've filmed in the last two months."

For our sake, we hope you are right, Jamie!

Thanks for your efforts to fight the obesity epidemic and we can't wait to watch your new show!

[Image via WENN.]

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Sarah Palin Attended The Start Of Husband’s Snowmobile Race

| Filed under: Sarah PalinSnow Sports

Sarah Palin Attended The Start Of Husband’s Snowmobile Race

Sarah Palin isn’t the only big shot in the family — her husband Todd Palin is partaking in the world’s longest snowmobile race, the 2,000-mile Iron Dog. He’s won the race four times.

Palin was there for the start of the race to show support for her husband.

The winner of the race is awarded $202,500, so it looks like Sarah isn’t the only one bringing home the bacon!

[Image via AP Images.]

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Tracy Morgan Makes Lewd Comment About Sarah Palin

| Filed under: ZportzSarah PalinTracy MorganBasketball


Tracy Morgan caught TNT broadcasters off guard when he called Sarah Palin "good masturbation material.”

TNT has since issued an apology about Morgan’s “inappropriate comments.”

Tracy Morgan is nothing short of HIGHlarious!!

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