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Robert Pattinson Wants To Meet Up With Kristen Stewart In Canada? Find Out How Puppy Love Could Lead To A Possible Reunion!!

robert pattinson wants to meet up with kristen stewart to see his dogs

Well what do we have here??? A good old fashioned case of puppy love!!!

Robert Pattinson has been hard at work in Toronto shooting his upcoming film Life, and apparently he's gotten quite lonely up north! So he's been hitting up his former flame Kristen Stewart about meeting up in Canada!!

However, before you start assuming love is in the air, the reason for the possible rendezvous might not be exactly what you're thinking!

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Canada Wins The Entire Olympics With Free Beer Fridge That Opens With Your Passport!

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canadian beer fridge twitter doodle

O Canada! We raise our glass to thee!

Those aren’t the words to their national anthem, but they should be!

Our neighbors to the north are tied for second in the Olympic medal count right now but they are TOTALLY winning the entire winter games!

Just ch-ch-check out the beer fridge that’s set up in the Canadian national team’s house in Sochi (above)!

All the Olympians have to do is swipe their passport and TA-DA! Free beer!

And as we all know, “free" and "beer” are the two greatest words in the English language!

Unfortunately, you HAVE to be a Canadian in order to get your complimentary brewski!

Oh for cryin' in the mud!

If only we could have been born in Canadialand!

Oh wellz. We tip our hat to America’s hat for this golden idea!

[Image via Twitter.]

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Canadian Skier Alex Bilodeau Wins Gold! Wins Much More When He Pulled His Disabled Brother Over The Rails To Celebrate!

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alex bilodeau sochi olympics gold medal brother frederic cerebral palsy celebrate

Canadian Alex Bilodeau won the freestyle skiing event on Monday in Sochi, and it meant just as much to him as it did his very excited and loving brother!

After clinching the Olympic gold, Alex did the best thing a brother could do: he pulled his brother Frederic, who has cerebral palsy, over the security gate to celebrate with him!

Frederic was told he would not be able to walk

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Canadian Speed Skater Charles Hamlin Shows Off His ASSets While Sharing A Victory Smooch With His Girlfriend!

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canada olympic speed skater charles hamlin shows off butt kissing girlfriend

Well this confirms out theory that speed skating apparently does amazing things to your body!

Canadian short-track speed skater Charles Hamlin pulled off an amazing feat yesterday when he won the gold in the 1,500 meter race to earn his third ever Olympic medal!

THe 29-year old was understandably excited about the big win and immediately went to the sidelines to share a victory smooch with his girlfriend, Marianne St-Gelais.

Fortunately for us, Charles had to stretch over the track barrier for the celebratory kiss, and while he was leaning over he revealed a booty that's deserving of a medal of its own!!

Wow! Looks like our US boys have some serious competition in the sexiness department!

To check out some of the hottest male athletes currently competing in Sochi, CLICK HERE!!!

[Image via Getty Images.]

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Canada Has An EPICALLY Hilarious Response To Russia's Anti-Gay Laws At The Sochi Olympics! Watch HERE!

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The 2014 Sochi Olympics might just be starting, but as far as we're concerned Canada is already winning!!

Russia's anti-gay laws have been the big subject of much debate leading into the winter games, but as our neighbors up north have cleverly pointed out, the olympics have always been a tad bit gay!

Take for example, the luge. Do you know of any other sports that involves skintight body suits and so much man-on-man pelvic thrusting??

Yeah, we didn't think so!

Way to go Canada!!

Ch-ch-check out the awesome video (above)!

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15 Insane McDonald's Items You Will NOT Find On A U.S. Menu!

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tumblr mso1rjpuqv1s7gn7ko1 250

It's no secret that McDonald's has a menu that's filled with plenty of sandwiches and side dishes that are pretty much guaranteed to clog an artery!

But if you've ever been to the fast food chain in another country, you would know there's quite literally an entire world of mind-boggling options out there that our tastebuds have yet to enjoy!

For example, did you know you can order gazpacho at a McDonald's in Spain or get a side of poutine in Canada? Do you know what they call a Quarter Pounder with cheese in France?

Seriously, we had no idea there were so many different shades of McDonald's!!

CLICK HERE to see 15 items you will NOT find in the U.S.!

CLICK HERE to see 15 items you will NOT find in the U.S.!

CLICK HERE to see 15 items you will NOT find in the U.S.!

CLICK HERE to see 15 items you will NOT find in the U.S.!

CLICK HERE to see 15 items you will NOT find in the U.S.!

CLICK HERE to see 15 items you will NOT find in the U.S.!

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Justin Bieber Learns Heart Is Where The Home Is - Finds Support In Stratford, Canada!

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justin bieber home town stratford support arrest scandal

Justin Bieber has seen a lot of trouble lately, and all those hard times have inspired him to sing a new song - O Canada!

With deportation a real possibility, it's important that the Biebs remember his roots, and that's just what he's doing!

Justin's hometown of Stratford, Ontario, Canada has declared their support of their prodigal son, with Mayor Dan Mathieson officially stating:

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