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Chris Hardwick Gets Emotional During His Talking Dead Return As Several Staffers Quit In Protest!

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Chris Hardwick was very emotional after AMC welcomed him back to host the Talking Dead months following his ex-girlfriend's allegations of relationship abuse and several staffers, including a co-executive producer, quitting the program in protest.

The Nerdist founder was on the verge of tears at the top of a pre-taped episode of the show on Sunday as he thanked fans for their support and noted how appreciative he was to be back at his post.

But he made no direct reference to the unsettling June allegations made by his ex Chloe Dykstra, who accused a former boyfriend of sexually and emotionally abusing her during a three-year relationship.

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Hardwick also failed to mention the exit of co-exec producer Jen Patton and other staffers from Talking Dead in protest over his reinstatement. An insider told Deadline that Patton and the others " felt they couldn't stay after Chloe was not part of the investigation."

Ivy Kagan Bierman of law firm Loeb & Loeb investigated Dykstra's claims and gave Hardwick a "back to work" pass late last month. Dykstra referenced the probe in a tweet last week, noting that she "100%" stands by her essay:

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Chloe Dykstra Releases Statement Confirming She Did Not Participate In Chris Hardwick Investigation, Wants To 'Return To Productive Discourse'

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Chloe Dykstra is ready to return to a more "productive discourse…"

In the aftermath of her original accusations of emotional abuse and misconduct against an ex-boyfriend widely believed to be Chris Hardwick several weeks ago, she took to Twitter on Thursday to set her record straight and attempt to find some closure.

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In a several-paragraph long message to her followers and others, Dykstra wrote (below):

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When You Hear What American Apparel's CEO Has To Say For Himself, Even YOU Will Be In Denial!

american apparel ceo dov charney first interview post firing

American Apparel may have fired CEO Dov Charney for sexual misconduct, but according to the man himself, it's a really big MAY.

The creator of the brand has given his first post-termination interview, and he's using the strategy that cheaters have been employing since time immemorial: deny ’til you die.

To all the accusations of sex slavery and ongoing harassment, Dov says:

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Sneak Peek Of Gerard Depardieu On Anderson!

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When you've gott ago, you'e gotta go - 30,000 miles up or otherwise.

So far, Anderson Cooper isn't screwing around with his new daytime talk show. He's getting big names and covering huge stories all within an hour and people seem to really enjoy him. In his premiere week, Anderson managed to get some unusual people to join him as well, including Gerard Depardieu, who as you might remember, was caught peeing in the aisle of an airplane not too long ago.

Have a look at this sneak peek from Anderson's interview with Gerard, where the two finally get down to the bottom of this little incident. (above)

Doesn't Anderson's laugh just make you melt?!

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Bea Arthur WAS A Marine!

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bea arthur was a marine

Check out the photo (above) which was taken shortly after Bea Arthur's enlistment into the Marines Corps.

You heard us right! According to records, our golden girl spent 30 months in the Marine Corps, as a Women's Reserve member who drove a truck AND was a typist!

Not only was she a Marine, but she was intense…even by Marine standards!

Personality appraisal sheets from her enlistment interviews described her as "Argumentative" and "Over agressive," and her interviewer wrote that she was "officious - but probably a good worker - if she has her own way!" LOLs.

We suppose being "over aggressive" must be a good thing in the Marines, because Arthur moved up the ranks to staff sergeant, which was her final rank until she was honorably discharged in Sept 1945. Damn girl, you really were intense.

This gets even MORE hardcore, though. According to her single "misconduct report" filed against her in 1944, she was given reduced pay during a period while stationed in Cherry Point, North Carolina, because she was left incapacitated for duty for five weeks after contracting a venereal disease!

Wow, Bea. You were REALLY in the Marines and you were REALLY hardcore!

What do U think about Bea's Marine history?

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The Vatican Comments On… The Beatles?

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Forget about priests abusing young children, The Vatican has bigger things to talk about, like The Beattles! Yes, really.

On the 40th anniversary of the group's break-up, The Vatican has forgiven The Beatles after publicly bashing them for their drug and crazed lifestyles.

The Vatican's newspaper L'Osservatore Romano stated in a front-page article:

"It's true they took drugs, lived life to excess because of their success, even said they were bigger than Jesus and put out mysterious messages, that were possibly even Satanic.

They may not have been the best example for the youth of the day but they were by no means the worse. Their beautiful melodies changed music and continue to give pleasure.

Thirteen albums changed the history of popular music and there is little else to add. The Beatles were the most famous and acclaimed band in the world."


Why "forgive" The Beatles now? Seriously?!?

This little publicity stunt won't make people forget about the real issue at hand.

People want to hear what's going to happen to those abusive clergy and what exactly went on with all the cover-up reports.

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Roman Polanski's Lawyers Appeal Rape Case, Claim Misconduct In 1977


We wouldn't expect anything less from him.

Roman Polanski's attorneys have filed an appeal asking that a special counsel investigate any potential shady business or misconduct in his 32 year trial for having sex with a 13-year-old!

According to original prosecutor Richard Gunson, the original judge had a secret agenda to give Polanski a harsher sentence than legally allowed, but when Gunson attempted to challenge it, his superiors intevervened!

The appeal states:

"Far more serious misconduct, which has been hidden by the prosecution in this case for years, occurred at the highest levels of the district attorney's office in August 1977. Two of the most senior supervising deputies in the office at that time had secret … communications with Judge Rittenband about his misconduct in this case, which Rittenband confirmed to them, and they failed to inform the defence or seek Rittenband's disqualification."

Polanski's lawyers hope to use this information to persuade the current judge, Peter Espinoza, to dismiss the case and allow Polanksi back into the country.

Polanski is currently under house arrest in Switzerland, whose authorities will only extradite the filmmaker if the US agrees to sentence him to at least six months in prison. Espinoza has stated he will only consider Polanski's appeal for dismissal if he can physically appear in the courtroom to argue his case!


Sounds like you're stuck in a lose-lose no matter what you do, Polanski!!

Karma's a real bitch, ain't it?

[Image via WENN.]

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